Speed up your metabolism

I’m pretty sure nobody needs to explain to you what your metabolism is, but just so that we’re all on the same page, your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns fat. I do indeed have some friends who went to technical schools as part of their high school education, one of which comes up with his own theories when it comes to biology, so I guess it was indeed pertinent to touch on the definition of what metabolism is, or one’s metabolic rate…

Now that that’s out the way, we can swiftly move on to the discussion of exactly what you can do to speed up your metabolism, but before we do that, it’s perhaps pertinent to discuss exactly why you’d want to speed up your metabolic rate.

What’s all the fuss about boosting your metabolic rate?

Let’s make no bones about it – the reason why certain body types or appearances are sought-after over others is because of the underlying health issues associated with those outward appearances. We definitely have a bone to pick with the fashion industry and the professional modelling industry on which it’s built, but even though the most famous of supermodels is perhaps too thin to be considered healthy, generally a slimmer body is healthier than one which is carrying too much weight.

This is particularly true in the case that the extra weight carried is fat, hence the need for a discussion around how one can boost their metabolism.

A slimmer body which has a healthy BMI isn’t necessarily one which is starving, but is rather one which makes efficient use of the energy resources it ingests to perform the various bodily functions required of it.

How to go about boosting your metabolism

Now comes the part about exactly how you can boost your metabolism and there are some short-term methods you can use along with longer-term method. You’ll want to focus on instilling the deployment of the long term methods and perhaps make them a permanent part of your life, rendering them a lifestyle choice instead of a passing fad.

So as far as the short term methods to boost your metabolism go, a drink of water mixed in with pure lemon juice works very effectively. Firstly, it sort of gives your body the illusion that it’s not quite as hungry as it actually is, which makes you crave less food and subsequently eat less. Secondly, it actually has some direct fat-burning properties, particularly around the gut area. Start exercising with more cardio workouts while regularly drinking your lemony water and you’ll give your metabolism an even greater instant boost.

To complete the equation, make the lifestyle adjustment of exercising regularly so that your body gets used to naturally converting the bulk of the calories you take in into the energy you need to complete your workouts. You can only drink lemony water for so long, because after a while it won’t be so good for your stomach and you’ll start to get cravings for real food again.