3 benefits of using a hypervolt massage gun

Whilst massage guns have multiple proven benefits, Hypervolt offers a choice of 3 products for those seeking relief for any aches and pains. These tools which you could say resemble power drills, deliver a vigorous massage to the chosen area of the body and the Hypervolt massage gun comes with a selection of attachments, including the flat and bullet for the Hypervolt Go, and different settings such as varying speed. All the factors allow the user to customise their own recovery and what suits them best to get the desired result.

So what are the benefits? This blog will go into detail about the benefit the Hypervolt massage gun has to offer, detailing not only the physical benefits but the impact it can have on your mental health as well (especially when combined with herbs & spices often seen in healthy diets for an extra boost)! Keep on reading to find out more!

  • Quicker Recovery

Hypervolt massage guns increase blood circulation and reduce pain and soreness into the targeted area through its percussion technology. Repeated massage of an area of the body, for example the arm or leg can help with recovery especially post workout. Proven solutions for helping recovery, increased circulation gets more oxygen into the blood which it needs to recover. Percussion therapy developed in the Hypervolt massage guns, concentrates targeted pulses of pressure into the muscle/tissue of the body, helping to relieve muscle pain, stiffness and soreness. You could even combine it with a CBD product, like this cbd stick, if they are legal in your country, for even more targeted relief from aches and pains.

Accelerating not only recovery but warm up as well can give an athlete a competitive advantage over rivals as it increases range of motion and enhances muscle performance. With its varying speeds of percussion, allowing the user to customise their recovery as such not to overdo it! Helps release all that lactic acid trapped after a hard workout to get you feeling back to your best.

  • Lots of Choice

With 3 different massage guns to choose from, an athlete can have a variety of products to choose from in the Hypervolt collection. The Hypervolt Go is the cheapest option and whilst only offering 2 head attachments, is simple to use and good for on the go with its small size.

Whilst the Hypervolt massage gun at 60 Watts comes with 5 attachments but similar to the Go has 3 speed settings and patented technology for extra quiet use. However, this model has patented pressure sensors helping get to those spots to relieve the hard aches and pains. The Hypervolt Plus retailed as the most expensive offers even more power with bluetooth, so plenty of options for those looking for a suitable massage gun.

  • Wellness Benefits

Not only providing powerful pain relief, helping sports performance, injury prevention, recovery and relieving muscle spasms and stiffness (just to name a few!) Hypervolt massage guns can also help with sleep which has strong links to your overall wellness and mental health.


What are you waiting for! There’s no doubt of the proven benefits of the massage gun from Hypervolt, if you’re an athlete looking to warm up before exercise or cool down and recover after, the massage gun will work for you.