3 physical benefits of using a Hyperice massage gun

Better Workout recovery

Perhaps the first thing that people think about when they make reference to a massage gun is quite rightfully muscle recovery. This is in specific reference to post-workout muscle recovery and not necessarily recovery of muscles that have been injured or anything of that sort. Rumour has it though that massage guns such as the Hyperice were actually initially developed specifically to help pain management.

The official word around a different brand massage gun producer was that it was developed by a chiropractor who was specifically targeting pain management. So it was initially designed as a management tool.

Still, that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that it is quite rightfully associated first with use in the aid of workout recovery of the muscles from the point of view of helping the muscles recover from the inevitable heaviness and soreness, not necessarily from damage or injury.

Top performance during workouts

As mentioned the Hyperice massage gun is synonymous with aiding in the process of post-workout recovery, but that’s not the only reason that makes it such a great and inevitably popular device. The Hyperice massage gun has more than one benefit, with the other being increased and better performance during workouts. Basically how it works is it can help enhance the workout you’re about to complete by preparing your body for exercise. So it’s as much a pre-workout tool as it is a post-workout tool.

Pre-workout use of the device can come to the aid of your muscles by assisting their range of motion. So this means that you can use a Hyperice massage gun as part of your warm-up regime, whatever sporting activity or whatever physical activity you would be seeking to get into.

Some professionals in the personal growth industry have been using massage guns as a pre-workout tool for their clients and for themselves from as far back as the mid-2010s. Obviously, the technology has improved in leaps and bounds since then with the availability of massage guns such as the Hyperice.

Pretty much any physical activity, be at a competitive sport or just getting in a session in the gym, to get some aerobics in or even lifting weights as part of your resistance training regime, could be helped along with an increased range of motion which is the resolve of those who use something like a massage gun as part of their warm-up regime. Nobody needs to tell you about how this can help prevent injuries, but it also just increases the performance.

A more intense massage

Basically what you get with a Hyperice massage gun is a more intense massage than what you get from something like a foam roller massager. Due to this particular feature, massage guns such as Hyperice can help with fibromyalgia by relieving muscle tension, reducing pain signals, and improving circulation around the muscles and joints that are affected by this condition. However, it is important to note that massage guns should not be used as a substitute for medically treating fibromyalgia pain. It is best to consult a doctor or medical professional to determine the most appropriate treatment for such conditions. Massage guns can be used in addition to medical treatment to provide additional relief.

Parting Words

So, in conclusion, the three physical benefits you actually get from using a Hyperice massage gun are increased blood flow, increased lymph flow, and prevention of delayed onset muscle soreness, all of which come together to make up the super benefit of safe and effective muscle recovery (and injury prevention).