5 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom

Since the pandemic happened, almost everyone has been spending more and more time in our bedrooms. Even people with drab decor have started thinking about spicing their interiors up a little, but what if you don’t want a bedroom that looks like everyone else’s?

There are a lot of things you can do with a little creativity and some space, and it doesn’t have to be too expensive either. 

Today, we’ll talk about creative ways to decorate your bedroom that can dramatically improve even the most boring rooms. 

  1. Put Your Bed on a Platform 

Decorations don’t have to just be aesthetic. If you place your bed on a platform, not only will it give your room a cool look, but it’ll give you some extra storage space too. 

A raised bed is great for a smaller room with limited storage space and gives the illusion of roominess. There are several such bed frames for sale out there and you can even take this opportunity to get a bouncy new mattress that would be perfect for a raised bed frame. 

You can find an article on mattress brands online to decide which one would suit you best, and a unique new bed might be just the thing your bedroom needed.  

  1. Paint One Wall a Warm Color 

Having the same colored walls is a thing of the past. If you want to make your bedroom more interesting, try painting one side of the room a different color than the rest. 

You can use different color combinations to create contrasts and cool effects, but be careful about choosing what wall to color. If you color a wall that’s hidden away behind a bookshelf or one that has frames and accessories of clashing colors in front of it, you won’t get the effect you want. 

Don’t hesitate to make bold decisions like painting your wall black or maroon, and offset it with complementing picture frames and accessories. 

  1. Simple Art 

Art doesn’t always mean a large and complicated statement piece in the living room. Sometimes, it’s a hand painted clay pot on the bedside table or a cute drawing hung up on your bedroom wall. 

You can even take a set of paints, some brushes and a canvas to follow an online painting tutorial to make a painting that helps your room stand out. Another great option would be to make a “splash painting” or drop paintings that are made by pouring paint on a canvas in different ways. If you struggle when it comes to art, then there is always the option of wall decals which have some great designs and are easy to decorate your walls with.

  1. Add a Touch of Nature 

There are various ways to add nature into your bedroom for a little bit of freshness and beauty. The most obvious options would be to put a bouquet of flowers in a vase on your bedside table or some indoor plants next to your window, but that’s not the only way nature can make your bedroom beautiful. 

The plants in your room don’t have to be fresh. Pour some resin into fresh or wilted flowers to make hanging ornaments to put over a light colored wall and paint over branches and use them as whimsical curtain rods.

  1. Unusual Bedroom Arrangements 

Don’t hold back on the quirky and interesting when it comes to making your room stand out. It’s important to notice though that overdoing it can backfire pretty easily. 

Instead of using a boring old bedside table, stack some items up on top of one another at the side of your bed for that purpose instead. Flat surfaced items like suitcases or cardboard boxes work best for this purpose, and you can even paint the cardboard boxes for an added cute touch. 

Instead of several short piles of books or a traditional bookshelf, try piling your books up into a single stack. You can install shelves along the height of a wall to create this pile and keep the books from falling over on themselves at the same time. A pile like that will look interesting and is sure to make your room stand out. 

Decorating your room doesn’t have to be expensive or boring. Make sure to use the right colors and know what end result you want for great results.