5 Practical Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Invitations

If you’re in the middle of planning your DIY wedding invitations, you’re probably thinking about how much the entire project will cost. As with many things that go into planning a wedding, it can be easy for hidden costs to sneak up on you, causing you to go over your stationery budget.

Fortunately, there are many ways to save money on your wedding invitations. Before we launch into how you can save money (we’ll get there I promise). If you are struggling with cash at this time, there are ways that you can gain some extra cash to help you with your wedding items. You may want to click here to see what you can do online to help build on your finances. It is always a good idea to have a look around and get that support when you need it.

  1. Look for Free Printables 

Printable templates offer a quick and easy way to personalise your wedding stationery at a cost much lower than hiring a graphic designer/design firm to create custom layouts for you.

You can choose from a variety of templates on sites like Canva and arts and crafts blogs that offer free downloadable templates. Simply download the design and print it on your cardstock or paper.

DIY stationery tip: Do note that when printing invitations on regular ink or laser printers, it’s generally safer to use paper or cardstock in white or very light shades. This allows the design to “pop” against the background. You can still use coloured paper, but consider sticking to text designs, line art and dark graphics in black to prevent clashing with the background. 

  1. Take a Calligraphy Course


Calligraphy workshops are a great way to pick up the basics of great penmanship. Once you’ve understood the basic principles of writing by hand, you can practice some more and use your skills to add details to your invitations and table plans by hand. 

DIY stationery tip: You can use a template to print multiple invitations and use calligraphy to add a bit of personalised flourish to each piece of stationery. Consider writing the guests’ names by hand (ideal for smaller weddings) on invitations and table place cards.

  1. Stick to Simple Stationery

Thick cardstock and fancy paper with foil trim edging are nice to have, but don’t expect these materials to come cheap. Plain white, ivory or cream cardstock can look just as beautiful, especially if you embellish them with DIY details like stamps and handwritten text.

DIY stationery tip: Give your invitations an earthy and rustic look with recycled kraft cardstock. The recycling process causes the paper to have imperfections like flecks and blemishes, giving your invites a unique finish. 

  1. Skip the Extra Inserts

Having inserts for things like your RSVP cards means having to use more stationery and paying for heavier postage. A simple way to work around this problem is to have all your details in the primary invitation itself.

DIY stationery tip: You can print a QR code on your invitations to drive guests to a web page or Facebook group, where they can then RSVP and add information such as their plus-ones or dietary restrictions. 

  1. Order Stationery in Bulk

It might seem counterintuitive, but buying your stationery in bulk can be cheaper in the long run. If you make mistakes or run out of stationery, you don’t have to worry about ordering another pack of cardstock or paper at the last minute and pay for shipping all over again (if buying online). 

DIY stationery tip: If you’re unsure about the colour or finish of your stationery, consider ordering a sample pack from your stationer of choice. This will provide you with a selection of paper and envelopes in different colours, finishes and weights (i.e. thickness).

Check and Double-Check Your Invitations

Finally, the simplest way to save money on your wedding invitations is to proofread all of your stationery before hitting the print button or sending your design to the print shop. Check for spelling errors, spacing issues and typos and ask a friend to do the same. This simple step will save you from having to reprint invites. 

Infographic created by Grown Brilliance, a lab diamond engagement rings provider