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5 Ways to Prepare for a New Baby

Your baby’s arrival will be the most exciting moment of your life, but getting there can take some time. Take advantage of the long wait to prepare for the big day. Below are five helpful ways to prepare for your new baby’s arrival.

Make a birth plan

Making a birth plan is one of the top five ways to prepare for a new baby. A birth plan is a woman’s documented wishes about how she would like to give birth in a hospital, birthing centre, or at home. It helps both mother and caregiver know what they would like to have happened during labour and delivery.

Planning your labour and birth can help you feel more confident. And feeling confident and comfortable can help your labour progress smoothly toward the healthy, happy outcome that you have been dreaming about!

Talk it out with your partner

Talking to your partner about your birth experience may seem difficult at the time, but it can make the difference between good labour and delivery and one that is challenging. You know your partner better than anyone. They have been with you through thick and thin, celebrating triumphs and sharing in defeats.

It’s important to spend time together (preferably away from any distractions) before the baby arrives to talk about how you both want things to go and how much support – or control – you would like to have during labour, delivery, and after the baby is born.

Start a birthing kit

Creating a birthing kit will give you an easy way of including key items that might be needed during labour and delivery, and make sure you don’t forget anything. It is also beneficial because it eliminates the need to run from store-to-store trying to find what is needed.

Your birthing kit should include items such as a dressing gown and slippers, a loose, comfortable outfit to wear home, plenty of nappies, a shawl or blanket, muslin squares, etc.

Get a family health insurance plan

When you get that wonderful news that your family is about to grow, it is time to start planning. As you begin to make your new baby list, you will want to consider preparing for the future with a comprehensive healthcare plan that will cover your baby and allow them to get the best care right from the start

Stock up on breastfeeding products

When you’ve just brought home your newborn, it can be daunting to try to remember everything you need for the first few days. Being prepared with an adequate supply of breast pads, nipple cream, and nursing pillowcases will help you feel more confident in the early days. You’ll know that you’ll have everything you need when nature decides to take its course and your baby starts feeding.

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Nothing can fully prepare you for the experience of childbirth. However, the more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel when you enter the delivery and postpartum care.