9 Designer Accessories Worth Splurging on if You’re a Fashionista on a Budget

From social media to TV shows, designer fashion is everywhere. While many style-lovers can’t afford to buy everything they love, there are some signature designer items worth splurging on.

If you have a keen eye for designer brands but limited funds, a great way to enhance your style is to buy a few accessory staples. Compared to articles of clothing, designer accessories like scarves, gloves, wallets, purses, and sunglasses cost far less but will still elevate your look.

Which designer accessories are worth buying, especially if you only have the budget for one or two items? Consider any of the luxury products below.

1. The Iconic Gucci Belt

The Gucci belt dominated 2016 and quickly skyrocketed to one of the year’s top fashion trends. That year, celebrities like Kendall Jenner stepped out with the brass belt in style, and it remains a style staple in 2020.

The classic Gucci belt is a wide leather belt with an antiquated brass double G buckle. You can wear the belt on your hips or waist, giving you the option to accessorize in different ways. You can purchase the Gucci belt for $470.

2. This Classic Coach Crossbody Bag

Whether you need a bag to complete a specific outfit or for multipurpose use, the Coach Cassie Crossbody bag is perfect for your inner fashionista.

With polished pebble leather and multifunction pockets, the bag looks pristine inside and out. It has three organized compartments for everyday essentials. Other key features include interchangeable straps and a turn-lock closure. The Coach crossbody bag retails at $650, or four payments of $162.50 with Afterpay.

3. A Cozy Cashmere Burberry Scarf

Fashion doesn’t stop during the winter months, and the cashmere Burberry scarf is perfect for those chilly nights. The iconic Burberry checkered pattern is like no other, with a luxurious cashmere fabric that has a super-soft finish.

There are 18 color options and a free personalization feature, which allows you to add embroidery. You can purchase the classic cashmere Burberry scarf starting at $470.

4. The V-Circle Watch from Versace

The V-Circle Versace watch will make your wrist sparkle. The watch features a faint checkerboard pattern, with a sunray center on the dial and a brown strap made of smooth leather. This piece has exceptional attention-to-detail with the Medusa head at noon and the stainless steel finish. The watch is water-resistant, which is a unique feature for designer watches.

With numerous variations of the V-Circle model, the watch can range in price. You can find a V-Circle watch on the lower end of the spectrum for around $350.

5. Prada’s Cashmere-lined Leather Gloves

Everyone loves a dressy glove, especially Prada’s. These gloves have made their rounds on social media, with celebrities like Anne Hathaway showing them off during the colder months.

Prada’s gloves are short napper leather, lined with cashmere for the coziest fit. With embroidered details and the metal Prada logo, no one can go wrong with this underrated accessory. Prada’s cashmere-lined leather gloves retail for $480.

6. A Transparent Fendi Umbrella

When it rains, it pours, so what better way to deal with the rain than to go out in style with the Fendi umbrella? This umbrella is the perfect fashion accessory to keep you dry and lift your spirits on a dreary day.

The umbrella is made from tech-fabric and showcases the white FF motif all over, with a brown border and yellow Fendi font on the handle. The transparent Fendi umbrella retails for $630.

7. Gucci Sunglasses

Gucci has shades that include polarized and mirrored options. You can even get prescription lenses from your eye doctor Calgary, meaning optical health does not have to come at the price of fashion. Gucci sunglasses vary in price, with some starting around $275. Alternatively, you can also look online at other retail stores that sell a range of sunglasses like Randolph USA, so you can browse a bit more.

8. Tech Accessories from Coach

If you want to protect your tech gear in style, Coach offers all the essentials. Coach has many luxurious tech items like phone cases, camera bags, and pouches. Many tech accessories are discounted, so use that to your advantage as a fashionista on a budget. Coach’s tech accessories range anywhere from $30-$200.

9. A Louis Vuitton Wallet 

Louis Vuitton wallets may be the most popular designer item on this list. Celebrities like the Kardashians have made it a staple piece. Louis Vuitton wallets offer an array of distinct features like spacious compartments, zipped coin pockets, and card slots from leather to canvas. With their secure, all-around zip features, the wallets also have a grained-leather lining. You can buy a Louis Vuitton wallet starting at $545.

You Don’t Have to Rock Every Designer Item Out There

You don’t have to own every designer item to be fashionable. It’s much easier-and more practical-to purchase one or two items that you love, then build up your closet from there. By adding any of the accessories described above to your wardrobe, you’ll have a solid start to your luxury collection.