A head-to-head comparison: Cotton Bags vs Canvas Bags

The cotton bag is a new revolution in the fight against the plastic pollution challenge. The plastic pollution challenge is said to be affecting people’s health all across the world due to the amount of plastic waste. Therefore, less plastic needs to be produced, across all plastic products. Cotton bags are a leading alternative to plastic bags, and they can be custom-made to your tastes even more than a plastic bag ever could. Two popular examples include the cotton bag and canvas bag.

The benefit of both these bags includes the fact they can be fully reusable and are eco-friendly, meaning they can be used for a longer period of time in comparison to the single-use plastic bag we are all so used to. If you do need to recycle the bags, they are both 100% recyclable and biodegradable, meaning they will not leave any toxic waste behind.

However, there are a number of differences. Stay tuned to hear what the differences are between cotton and canvas bags.

What are the differences between Cotton and Canvas bags?

From afar, both cotton and canvas bags can look pretty similar. However, one of the biggest differences includes the durability of the material. It’s known that canvas bags are made from a slightly more durable material because the canvas material is intensely sewn at the manufacturing stage. This allows for a longer primary life span, over the cotton bag.

It doesn’t mean cotton bags will not last for a significant time though, beyond their primary function. The materials used make it easy to turn into items such as a gift bag, drawstring bag, or even a cushion cover!

However, there are similarities too!

Both these bags can also have printed designs printed on them. For example, you may wish to include your company’s logo or your name for grocery shopping, which brings a personal touch to your cotton or canvas bag. This is why you often see tote bags of this nature on open days, with goodies inside. It helps to promote the brand.

Both cotton and canvas bags are common, they are starting to completely replace backpacks and handbags, across the generation Z population.

If you have made your decision…

You may feel one of these bags resonates with you more, however, no matter what you choose, you should know any decision is helping to be more sustainable towards plastic pollution and the environment.