Learn about me and my blog!

Thanks for stopping by! My name’s Emma Gem – welcome to my blog, which is simply named after yours truly.

The blog is indeed names after me, but that’s only because of what the blog embodies – a promotion of the embracing of one’s unique identity. I’m not some kind of famous celebrity or even any sort of social media influencer, but I believe that I have a lot to share in the way of some useful like hacks and information that can truly help anybody who takes the time to read what I share.

More about me

Yes, Emma Gem is the name that you’ll see, as is, on my birth certificate, my passport and any other form of ID I have. Although to be honest if it was a choice, I’d probably choose that name exactly as it is!

I was born in the UK and spent the first few years of my life in North London, although the vague memories I have of that period in my life are probably as incoherent as can be expected. It wasn’t until I’d just turned four years old that my parents decided to make the permanent move across the Atlantic and we relocated to the United States. Of all the moments around that important life-event I vaguely remember, the one I remember the most is how that trip actually made me feel.

I was so full of hope and perhaps got my first taste of a lasting sense of adventure, which has stuck with me since. I’m glad I got to experience traveling at such a young age, even though on that specific instance it was outright relocating across the ocean to a brand new continent, to start a brand new life.

Growing up in a culturally British household in North America helped me develop a certain steadfastness in embracing my uniqueness, probably because I had no choice but to do so, really…

About the blog

I guess I hit the jackpot with regards to my last name and my parents didn’t do too bad a job naming me as well. As a result, I have a name which I believe represents exactly what I’m seeking to express through this blog, which, as mentioned, is a focus on embracing the unique set of gifts each individual has.

So what that means in practice is that I’ll be discussing pretty much all areas that fall under the lifestyle category, which granted could be safely said to encompass pretty much everything that has to do with anything. The theme of the blog however will be one which is centered on extracting maximum value out of each of these areas of our lifestyles which we’ll discuss and I say “we” because I won’t be the sole contributor to this blog.

In the same way that my parents identified the much bigger domestic market of the United States to be the ultimate environment in which to raise a largely entrepreneurial family, through this blog, I seek to share some practical, actionable advice and information on how to make certain aspects of our lives better in every way possible. EmmaGem is going to help you embrace your uniqueness and in the process uncover the special gifts that you have so that they can be shared with the world and so that personal improvement and development can be a mere blog post read away!

Everything which forms part of our modern day lives can probably be classified into a few main categories, including health (and fitness), beauty, personal development, education, travel, food and leisure. This is basically what we’ll be discussing and sharing ideas about, but by no means will the information published here be limited to those categories.

Ultimately, our motto here at EmmaGem is that if there is a better way of doing it, whatever it is, then we encourage anybody with that knowledge to do it better to share it!

Too many people take their God-given gifts with them to the grave when they eventually kick the bucket, which is a real shame as their uniqueness is generally stifled by the status quo and by the constraints of a society which emphasizes lots of busyness without much productivity! That stops with EmmaGem!