Accommodation in Bristol Near Clifton Suspension Bridge

Bristol has a ton to offer for locals, tourists, out-of-towners, and even business professionals. However, there is one attraction that stands out for its combination of natural and man-made beauty, historical significance, and proximity to the more commercial areas of Bristol: The Clifton Suspension Bridge.

If you’re looking for accommodation in Bristol, finding something near the Clifton Suspension Bridge can enhance your trip like you never imagined.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons you should consider it and what your options are.

Why Stay Near the Clifton Suspension Bridge?

When you’re looking for accommodation in Bristol, your options aren’t limited. There’s a whole industry dedicated to temporarily housing Bristol’s many tourists and travelling business professionals all over the area. However, the Clifton Suspension Bridge is special.

It sits right alongside the Avon Gorge and provides an unbeatable view of both the water below and the vast expanse of forest beyond. This is all highlighted by the suspension bridge itself and its gothic architecture. In the spring and summer, you’re treated to tons of greenery, but in the fall, it’s even more impressive as an endless landscape of orange and brown overcomes the forest region below.

Not only that, but Clifton Suspension Bridge is just a few kilometres from the Bristol city centre. This means that with a short drive, or even a brief commute via e-bike, you can go from your accommodation of choice to the city centre for some amazing commercial opportunities.

Affordability also isn’t an issue. While there are very high-end, expensive options to choose from, there are accommodations that fit most budgets easily without sacrificing comfort or proximity to the various sights you’ll want to see.

All in all, this makes the area surrounding the Clifton Suspension Bridge a prime location for tourists, businessmen, out-of-towners on family vacations, and more.

Where to Stay Near Clifton Suspension Bridge

You’ll have a multitude of options to choose from if you simply type in “accommodations near Clifton Suspension Bridge”, but there’s one option you simply can’t pass up. Serviced accommodations provide you with a luxurious at-home experience at an affordable price point, and you can book your stay for as long as you want.

Serviced apartments aren’t like hotels. You do book your stay and pay per 24-hour period like a hotel, and there are similar check-out requirements. However, you get a whole apartment. This means a full living area, kitchen, private bed and bathrooms, and all the furnishings that you expect those rooms to have. However, you also get security and a no-lease rental model.

These serviced apartments are great for families because of the room they offer, but they’re also great options for business professionals since they provide an at-home environment and are friendly towards extended stays.

You can find several serviced apartments near the Clifton Suspension Bridge, and we highly recommend checking them out before committing to a traditional hotel or another living arrangement. They’re the ultimate way to visit the area affordably and without sacrificing comfort.