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Are Hyperice massage rollers good for muscle injury?

If you’ve ever experienced muscle injury (I’m sure we all have at some point outside of exercise – like stretching for a biscuit!), you’re aware of how painful it can be. You might have been in this position where the pain is harrowing, and you’ve no doubt considered that Full Body Massage London area to help to fix your problem! However, it is a more common problem than you might think and there are plenty of ways to help soothe the pain and relax the muscles that are causing the tension.

It is especially prevalent after exercise, as the lactic acid builds up with less oxygen getting into the bloodstream during your workout, as the muscles work harder to keep up. Whilst time is always a good healer for these injuries, massage rollers can also help alleviate some of the pain post workout. Whilst studies in this area have been limited, one small study showed that participants saw a decrease in their delayed-onset muscle soreness after using a massage roller immediately after exercising and then 1 to 2 days later. This was compared to those who did not use massage rollers and they also performed physical exercises than the control group, so this is one example of the effectiveness of massage rollers.

However, if you believe that you require something else other than massage rollers to relieve muscle pain, you can get a prescription for pain meds in conjunction with them. The medications can help you manage pain better and provide you relief when the pain is unbearable. You can also try alternative medications like Cannabis products (check out or similar sites for more information) under a doctor’s guidance, i.e., if you want to try some natural pain relieving methods.

While rollers can help with pain relief on the outside, cannabis products can help with pain relief on the inside. Since cannabis can be consumed in a variety of ways, you have the option of choosing the best one for you. You can try vapes, edibles, tinctures, capsules, oils, topicals, and more, which can benefit you in various ways for your physical and mental well-being. Read this blog to learn more:

Anyway, the massage roller offers a vibrating foam roller that allows you to warm up and recover faster than any other product out there. It is important you invest in your fitness journey to get the most out of it and yourself, so getting the equipment that can give you all the help you can is a good way to get the most out of yourself! Hyperice massage rollers are unique and offer great benefits not only post workout but to help warm the body up as well. Also outside of its fitness benefits, studies have shown it can help you to relax and relieve back pain. This blog will examine Hyperice massage rollers, and look into their effect on muscle injury whether it has a positive or negative impact. So keep on reading to find out more!

Product Features

Hyperice vibrating foam roller has been engineered to deliver maximum vibration to the body, helping ease muscle pain and any injuries that may have been suffered during exercise. The powerful core and German-engineered exterior roller provide unmatched power, performance, and durability for anyone looking to move better, as Hyperice roller can help increase your range of motion as well as help with injury. Used in combination with stretching is the most effective to increase range of motion, Hyperice massage roller with its unmatched technology works at the desired muscle group to help with recovery from muscle injury. With 3 different frequencies levels of vibration, Hyperice foam roller offers the choice to you to personalise your warm up or recovery with whatever setting is suited best to you.


Whilst there’s limited research into the effect of massage rollers in general, the consensus is they do help with muscle pain and injury. By focusing on the area of the body which is in pain or needs to recover, it can massage the muscle to alleviate the pain. Hyperice offers the superior product when it comes to massage rollers, and is definitely worth the investment if you’re looking to take your fitness seriously. Not only helping with recovery of injured muscles, but Hyperice massage roller can help with the warm up to get the body ready for exercise. Working similar to stretching and designed to be used in conjunction, but the application it has on muscle injury is very useful to help the individual. So what are you waiting for, get your Hyperice roller today!