Experience Luxury in Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are becoming increasingly popular within both the travel industry and the short term accommodation market, and are now seen as a viable alternative to traditional forms of renting a property. However, serviced apartments can be more than just a place to stay, they can be a wonderful luxury experience for you to treasure.

No two serviced apartments are the same, but there are a variety of them that cater towards offering a luxury experience. These come in a number of sizes, from studio apartments to two bedroom apartments in central city locations.

Type of building

Serviced apartments come in many forms, some being original Victorian villas that have been updated with modern appliances to provide you with a fulfilling and enjoyable stay, and others being contemporary newbuilds with grand open plans. No matter your preferences, there is a luxurious apartment that can cater to your needs

Bright spaces

If you’ve stayed in a hotel, you can find yourself sitting in a prison-like room with no real view, or a pretty depressing view of traffic; but a serviced apartment can provide you with a totally different experience. Some serviced apartments are complete houses, meaning that they have proper windows and views that a normal house would have. Some even have features like a double arched window or impressive sash windows. You might stay somewhere that has a set of high ceilings and open plan layout, and this allows the light to really bounce around the room, giving a really spacious feel.


Talking of brilliant views, in some serviced apartments you will have the pleasure of accessing a private balcony that gives you a place to relax alone and enjoy the sights of where you are staying.

Opulent Furnishings

Hotel rooms can be functional, but there is no way they can match the brilliant furniture of a serviced apartment. Ranging from modern pieces that look pulled straight out of the latest interior design magazines, to vintage pieces and original antiques such as an 18th century scribes desk; every serviced apartment will have its own unique furniture that oozes charm.

Access to a spacious modern kitchen

Whilst you may want to eat out and enjoy the culinary offerings of the place you are visiting if you are using a serviced apartment on a more long-term basis, you will be able to treat yourself to cosy nights in and home-cooked meals by having access to your own spacious and well-equipped kitchen space. In that case, you would want to have your temporary kitchen designed in a practical and aesthetic way that motivates you to spend time cooking your favourite dishes. Well, luxury serviced apartments are often designed by experts such as Helen Coulston or other interior designers who tend to understand the needs of guests and design the interiors including the kitchen accordingly.

Lovely pieces of art to appreciate

Many luxurious serviced apartments take pride in the art that hangs on the walls of their living spaces. Whether they are striking modern artworks, or genuine victorian pieces adorning the walls; if you are an art enthusiast you will always find solace in being able to admire the brilliant pieces during your stay.

Hopefully this guide has helped illuminate the ways in which you can experience luxury during your stay in a serviced apartment.