Fashion Advice for Bigger Guys

Plus-sized women’s fashion has been gaining steam over the years as it becomes more and more apparent that not everyone is a size 2. Real people require clothing that fits them comfortably and looks good and the fact is that most of us – men and women – are out of the range of those model-sized clothes. Just because people are bigger does not mean they have to forgo fashion, there is plenty of fashionable clothing out there for people to wear, as well as some fun ones from the deez nutz website, and others like it, so they have a good range.

The same is becoming true with men. Guys with a bit of a stocky appearance or a bigger stomach are just as much in need of fashionable clothing as the guys with washboard abs who wear a small into their 30s.

There are a few tips that bigger guys can follow to stay fashionable and feel better about how they dress and look.

Go with Slimmer Jeans

That’s not to say that going with skinny jeans is a good idea; it likely will not suit your frame in a positive way. But slim-legged jeans can help you to look better and won’t negatively accentuate your bigger frame.

Bigger guys tend to wear baggier jeans, things like wide-cut options, because we feel that since we are bigger, we automatically need “bigger” clothes. But finding a slimming option in legwear will help to slim your frame and make your clothes fit better, giving you a better overall aesthetic.

Vertical Striping

One commonality in fashion for bigger guys is the use of stripes. There is the thought that stripes are thinning and make men appear thinner than they actually are. This can be true, so long as you avoid horizontal stripes.

If you have to go the stripe route, stick with vertical ones and try to stick to a few different colors. This will help to accentuate your length instead of the width of your waist and give you a slimmer overall aesthetic.

Accessories Are Your Friend

Regardless of how you dress, you can’t hide a big torso. Not that you should have to, but the whole point is to mitigate how large your large areas look and to give you a slimmer overall look. Equipping accessories can help with this look.

Try things like hats, glasses, scarves, or bags to not only draw attention away from your torso but provide a pop to your outfit and draw compliments to those aspects. It will improve your overall aesthetic and mitigate your less desirable features while accentuating your better ones. It’s a win all the way around.