Fashion Tips for Tall Girls

Being a taller girl can complicate matters when trying to find a stylish piece of clothing off the rack. You might get lucky and find a piece that fits effortlessly on the first try or you could be stuck searching and sifting through the rack with no luck at all.

There are a few tips that can help the lankier among us find the right styles to fit their bodies perfectly, amplifying their fashion choices and giving their wardrobe a much-needed boost.

Avoid High-Waisted Items

The thought is to grab longer pieces because your body is longer but that isn’t always the case. If you find something that is long it can be too long and make your body look too long as well. It all depends on your torso length.

This can be combated at times, but you shouldn’t have to combat the clothes you wear. You can try high-waisted items but they will generally make you look longer when that is already not an issue you have.

Dresses and Skirts

Maxi dresses are a favorite for taller girls everywhere because they are made for those with longer legs. The same goes for midi dresses: they compliment and accentuate your height and make it an asset instead of a liability.

Anything that can accentuate your height and the length of your legs is a great route to go and should become a staple of your wardrobe.

Jumpsuits Are In

Because jumpsuits are a one-piece outfit, they tend to look better on those with the frame to stretch them out – after all, jumpsuits were made for longer frames. Best of all, it acts in the way that a dress does with beautiful patterns or color schemes that can provide a wonderful pop while accentuating your height and frame. It really is an excellent choice for a tall girl wardrobe.

Thigh High Boots

Many shorter girls feel as though they don’t have the frame to pull off thigh high boots and look good in them because they were made for girls with taller frames. A pair of thigh high boots on longer legs, coupled with something like a dress or a skirt, will have you standing out in a crowd and get all the stares in the best way possible.

The key again is to accentuate your longer legs and taller frame with looks that make those stand out positively.