From garage to workshop: four tips you need to make the change

A lot of homeowners are now finding other uses for their garage space than just a home for their vehicle. They might have plenty of space on their driveway to park or they might not have a vehicle at their premises. Therefore, they have a garage which they don’t know what to do with and it often becomes a room for your clutter. In fact, homeowners fill the garage with boxes of old items they haven’t got space for in their home. But rather than waste all that space, you should consider making the room into a workshop. Whether you want to work on a car project or take on a woodworking hobby, the garage offers the perfect place to practice your DIY skills. However, before you get started in the garage, there are a few things you should do to make it the perfect place to conduct your hobby. Therefore, here are four tips on how to transform your garage into your ideal workshop.

Invest in new garage doors

There are a number of reasons you might want to invest in a new garage door when you are creating a workshop in the space. For one thing, you might want to secure the garage so that your workshop is safe when you are away from the property. With a secure, high-security door, you can ensure your projects stay safe from intruders. Also, investing in new garage doors is a good idea if you want to keep the inside of your garage at a warm temperature. You might have a vehicle project in the garage you don’t want to get too cold as it might ruin the engine. If you opt for sectional garage doors, they have sections which are filled with CFC- free PU foam which is vital for thermal insulation.

Also investing in a new garage door is ideal if you want to make some more space in the garage. You might want to go for side hinged doors, for example, which will allow you to create more room for your workshop activities.

Invest in new lighting for the garage

If you are going to use the garage as a workshop, you need to ensure you have adequate lighting to work on your projects. You don’t want to end up with a poorly lit garage which will lead you to make a bad mistake on your woodwork or mechanical projects. Therefore, you should look at investing in some new lighting for the garage. A popular option for workshops is overhead lights which are bright enough for your projects without breaking the bank. You can get some fluorescent lightswhich are easy to fit in the garage.

You could also get a few tripod lights for the garage which will brighten the room and help you to focus the light on a specific area of the garage. These are useful if you are working in close proximity with an item or vehicle. Whichever lights you go for, make sure that your workshop has enough power supplies to run the lighting. You can easily fit some more outlets in your garage if you do need to have more power sources in your garage.

Consider the flooring

You also need to make sure you get good flooring for your garage when you try to transform the area into a handy workshop. When you are working on a number of projects, you might find spills and dirt more common in the area. While concrete is useful in the garage, it will easily stain when it comes to oil and other marks. Therefore, you might want to transform the flooring into a durable option

For instance, you might want to go for a floor tile which is anti-slip to stop you falling while working on projects and is durable when it comes to marks and spills. They are also hard-wearing and are ideal if you had a car project. You could also get some rubber floor mats for your new workshop. These are ideal for activities like woodwork and are ideal to protect you from slips. You could even go for some underfloor heating if you want to protect your item and keep yourself warm during the winter months. This is easily installed in the garage underneath your current flooring and is perfect if you decide to convert the garage into a room in the future.

Improve the ventilation

If you are going to be working in the garage on a project, you don’t want to block your airways with excess dust. Therefore, to ensure you stay healthy while working in the garage, you should make sure you ventilate the area properly. For instance, you might want to invest in a good ceiling fan for the room. When you have finished your project for the day, it’s worth putting this on to clear out the fumes from the room. You could also get free-standing fans to help ventilate the room properly when you are busy sawing or painting.