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How Herbalife Nutrition Is Working With Communities to Ensure Quality Nutrition

Research studies conducted by the Food and Agricultural Organization show that by the year 2050, over two billion people could be undernourished. To help counter this global issue, Herbalife Nutrition launched the Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative. It seeks to work with fellow global partners to provide quality nutrition during times of crisis, fight hunger across the globe, assist communities, and empower women to end hunger—all of which help to fight the global hunger issue.

Empowering Women to End Hunger

Empowering women benefits everyone. Studies show that empowered women build healthier families that have low child mortality, a high number of children in school, and improved economies of scale. However, despite women playing a crucial role in society, they remain disproportionately affected by hunger. For instance, women comprise 65% of the globe’s population that’s facing hunger. The reasons for this include cultural issues, gender inequality, lack of education, and inaccessibility to resources. By implementing solutions that address women empowerment and gender equity, the world can significantly reduce cases of malnutrition, attain food security, and end hunger. According to Herbalife Nutrition, economically empowering women can have a significant impact on reducing hunger. Women invest back into the community through the income they earn. Women reinvest some of their income into society by buying food supplies, clothing, education, and medicine.

Provision of Quality Nutrition During Times of Catastrophe

Food insecurity soars during times of crisis. Herbalife Nutrition says that emergencies and disasters lead to massive hunger across the globe. For instance, floods, earthquakes, conflicts, hurricanes, and global pandemics leave countless individuals languishing in hunger. Providing medical and food supplies during times of emergencies can significantly help in saving lives. Such a move will also go a long way in fulfilling the overall objective of the Nutrition for Zero Hunger program. As the sponsor of this initiative, Herbalife Nutrition has set aside $1 million to establish an emergency relief fund during an emergency to support people with food and other life-saving supplies. In line with this, Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors organize grassroots mobilization in their communities to identify needy cases and availing assistance promptly.

Collective Effort to Fight Malnutrition

Malnutrition is a global problem that entails undernutrition, obesity, and micronutrient deficiency. So, how can we collectively address malnutrition? As stated earlier, one of the ways Herbalife Nutrition is seeking to address malnutrition is through Nutrition for Zero Hunger. The company has pledged a total of $2 million for the next three years to bolster the accessibility of healthy food items and raise nutrition awareness for the vulnerable. Moreover, Herbalife Nutrition has attracted global attention through worldwide partnerships, food donations, nutrition expertise, nutrition awareness, raising awareness, and volunteering efforts. Herbalife Nutrition seeks to raise awareness about the Nutrition for Zero Hunger program by incorporating nongovernmental agencies, nonprofit making organizations, media, and world leaders.

Finally, Herbalife Nutrition is working hard to cultivate thriving partnerships, which would support the community with quality nutrition. Currently, organizations and corporations are reacting to COVID-19 by adapting to a new normal that involves conducting outreach and business activities in new ways. During times of uncertainty, organizations and corporations must work together to support the vulnerable.