How Soon Should I Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in LA?

Many victims feel their world crashing down after a personal injury accident due to its severity. The victims may suffer financially, physically, and emotionally after a personal injury accident. While you can file a personal injury claim against the at-fault party to get monetary compensation, you may need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in LA.

However, while you may know that you need a lawyer by your side, you may be stuck in a dilemma when is the right time to call them. Due to a lawyer’s expensive image in the industry, it is normal to have multiple questions in your head about hiring one, including how soon you should contact them.

When should you call a personal injury lawyer?

You should call a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. Los Angeles does not give you forever to file a personal injury claim. You get a limited timeline to initiate the claim. Additionally, initiating a personal injury claim is not as easy as it may appear. For example, you will need time to gather evidence against the at-fault party and start the process. Therefore, the more you delay contacting a law firm like Law Offices of Robert M. Klein (or any other law firm), the more time it might take to settle your claim. Also, note that once the deadline is passed for filing a claim, you will not be eligible to get compensation no matter how strong your case is.

You may harm your claim in the absence of a lawyer.

The insurance company is too quick to lower your compensation. In many cases, they will contact you as soon as your personal injury accident, before you get time to speak to a lawyer. If you do not have representation from reputable injury lawyers, the insurance company might feel like they can blindside you with lower compensation. When speaking to you, the insurance adjuster will appear very friendly and ask you about your injuries and accident.

Your every word will be used against you to lower your compensation. Therefore, you can harm your claim even by saying, “I’m feeling better” or “I will seek medical help later.” Furthermore, they will ask you to give a recorded statement. Most lawyers advise not to give a recorded statement as you may say things that can potentially harm your claim. Therefore, you should speak to a lawyer before the insurance company gets a chance to speak to you to lower your claim amount or deny compensation.