How to Nourish Your Mind and Body During Your Monthly Moon Cycle

Listen to your Body

Make relaxation a priority during your period. Ensure you spend time unwinding and nurturing your body and mind during this time of the month. Too often we become caught up with daily tasks, always rushing from point A to point B. During our period, this mindset can make us feel overwhelmed.

Claiming your monthly period as an opportunity to go within can be a very empowering experience. Spend time learning how your body reacts during different times of your monthly moon cycle, and then apply different techniques to help!

If you feel like your emotions are amplified and you feel restless, try to include more physical movement into your daily routine.

If you feel the opposite, sluggish and slow moving, take a step back from your normal pace. Recognize that your body is always sending you cues, and it’s up to you to tune in and listen.

Physiological Changes are Happening

Hormones are significantly affected during your monthly moon cycle. When hormones change, everything we do and feel changes too!

During your period, your hormones will fluctuate, and it is extremely natural to experience a drop in energy levels. Your body will decrease the production of serotonin (the happy hormone), which is why you feel the dip in energy, and likely the dip in mood.

It is important to recognize that you cannot control your hormones: you can only control how you react to your fluctuating hormone levels. You could also consider trying edibles available on sites like to help you relieve the stress and produce serotonin to heighten your spirits.

Slowing down and honoring your body is an excellent way to respond to your body’s changes. Pushing yourself to keep up with your regular pace will not benefit your body and can even harm your state of mind.

It is so easy to become frustrated and emotional when we are in this fragile state. Instead of pushing on, listen to your body’s cues, and slow down.

Gentle Movements

Depending on how significantly you are affected by your moon cycle, it is highly likely that your period will be the best time to limit physical exertion. It is common in many cultures that women use this time to rest, instead of pushing themselves.

Gentle movements can include completing a restorative yoga class which you can follow online. Gentle movement can also include a series of movements that you move through because they simply feel right in the moment.

If there is an ache or tension somewhere in the body, use movement to gently stretch the affected area. Make sure you continue to breathe and try to make this exercise enjoyable instead of obligatory.

Aside from light stretching on a yoga mat, gentle movements can also be completed in the shower or the bath. The hot steam can alleviate sensations of pain from menstrual cramps, which will allow you to move with greater ease. There is also a lovely rejuvenation which occurs after a comforting bath, so take as many as you need to feel good during this time.

Dietary Recommendations

It may not feel like it, but your body is exerting a lot of energy during your monthly moon cycle. Even if you aren’t walking or keeping up with your usual exercise routine, calories are still being burned! 

Try to include more warming and nourishing foods during your period. These foods replenish the body’s energy requirements, and the warmth creates a soothing sensation from within.

Examples of warming and nourishing foods will look different for everyone, but common options include: soup, stews, warm eggs and lean meats.

Depending on your spice tolerance, you may want to add some spicy heat to your meal! You do not have to eat anything extremely spicy to benefit from this approach, but something in the ‘medium spice range’ can be very nourishing at this time. Many women will add raw ginger to their tea, which can add a desired ‘kick’ to their hot beverage that is considered to be very healthful.

Avoid using chemicals on your skin

Avoid using harsh chemicals at this time. This can include highly processed moisturizing lotions, as well as hair and body products. Look out for products which are heavily perfumed, and products which contain sulphates or other counter parts.

Your body is looking for wholesome ingredients while it attempts to recover after your period. Providing your body with the best ingredients such as CBD Body Lotion (50ml, 500g CBD), even topical ingredients, can directly affect how you feel during your period. Choosing high quality ingredients will ensure you are able to bounce back to your perky self as quickly as possible.

Towards the end of your period

Consider using period underwear towards the end of your period when the flow has significantly lightened. Period underwear is an ideal way to ensure you remain protected, but is light enough that you feel comfortable getting back into your usual routine.

Prioritize eating iron rich foods over the next fourteen days after your period has ended. This two week period is when your body will be trying to absorb as much iron as possible in attempt to replenish your depleted iron stores. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian options that are rich in iron, pick foods which make you feel your best!

In Conclusion

Hormonal changes occur to your body during your period. Anticipating these changes can allow you to develop strategies and tools to better manage your emotions and physical needs during your period.

Include gentle movements as much as possible and take a step back from any busy routines. The more you rest, the better you will feel.