How to Pick the Perfect Jewelry Pieces for Your Style

Which accessories would you pick for your style? You can’t go wrong with a pair of beautiful moissanite earrings, as they are able to pair with all styles. However, some women prefer studded shoes, colorful dresses, with floral earrings. Others pick bright dresses, bold nail colors, and gold or silver necklaces and anklets. This list offers suggestions for both types of style.

To determine the type of accessories that best suit your style and body type, first take a good look at your body type.

Are you a petite woman? Then you probably need to avoid any kind of bulky jewelry that can make your neck too big, and go for something minimalistic like a name chain instead. If you already have a good neckline, try studded shoes or sneakers to lengthen your neckline and slim your body.

Are you a curvy woman? Then you can wear solid silver necklaces to make your neck appear smaller and the rest of your body look taller. Some women opt for elegant gold necklaces to accent their curves while still maintaining a simple style.

If you have narrow or pointed shoulders, a large necklace will emphasize your curves. You can wear small gold earrings, delicate earrings, or silver anklets with these.

If you are a slim woman, choose delicate floral pieces for your necklaces or stay away from big jewelry altogether. For the rest of your body, pick pieces in a color like black, gold, or bronze.

If you have broad shoulders, you can find wide gold or silver necklaces that accentuate your figure. Some women also wear little flower necklaces.

Browsing around on a few online stores should provide you with plenty of options for necklaces and other accessories. Alternatively, you could visit the best jewelry store in baltimore (or one where you live) so that expert jewelers can help you pick designs that you love, or even create customized ones for you!

How to Pick the Perfect Necklace Styles

So, what should you be wearing your necklaces with? What are the most popular necklaces out there? Here is a list of necklaces that are perfect for your neck and body type.

The Easy Feather Necklace

You can wear this necklace with almost any type of outfit. Its small size makes it a perfect fit for jewelry chains.

The Long Feather Necklace

You can wear this necklace with most outfits as long as they are big enough to hold the necklace’s chain. It looks fabulous with a dress that is slightly off-the-shoulder.

The Elegant Bird Earrings

These simple gold-plated earrings will perfectly fit your skin tone and your body type. They make a great accessory for the neckline of a floral dress, floral tops, or any dress in a thin fabric.

The Classic Diamond Necklace

This classic necklace will add a touch of elegance to your neckline, necklines of any color, and practically every outfit. If you do not like the shiny texture of silver, go for a gold necklace instead, with many different options in styles available at Rellery. It looks perfect for all kinds of necklines including medium-low necklines, cocktail dresses, or even formal attire.


You can really make anklets your own. If you look at some of the anklet styles out there today, you’ll find a wide variety of jewels, sizes and designs that you can mix and match with your own personal style to make a statement with your feet.

Choose something that is subtle but still adds a nice glimmer of glitter to your shoe with a pretty blue or silver anklet, or go with a bold color and sparkle with a white or gold anklet. If you really want to make a statement, add a gold or silver anklet that actually wraps around your ankle with a tiny gold ring as well.

The Small Metallic Stud Earrings

These small studded earrings are the perfect accessories for a natural look. If you wear big earrings like necklaces, you can find some smaller studs to give your ears a sharp look.

You can pair these studs with skinny jeans, jean skirts, skirts with a low or mid-cut neckline, or any outfit in a colorful fabric.