How Weighted Vests Benefit Your CrossFit Workouts

Forget gym bag-to-bench set ups. We’ve taken the weight off the shoulders to bring you more efficient strength-training programs that will help you get in top shape. In the process though, don’t forget to intake lots of fluids with your requisite amount of electrolytes (click on this informative page to know more about it!), and, of course, eat healthy! For now, read more to see how this set up can speed up your recovery from injuries.

Strength Training and the Weighted Vest

A powerful and effective form of weight training is the weight vest. Also known as the “weight lifting belt,” the weighted vest works the same as a standard weight belt. But unlike typical weight belts, weight vests work you at a higher body weight.

You can do a whole series of exercises without any weights attached to your shoulders. There are many benefits to training this way. You’ll improve your strength faster, improve your cardio and improve your overall muscle health.

This workout routine requires no weights for lower body work and the upper body can use heavy weights. You might also want to put on a compression sleeve for arm pain in case you plan on doing a lot of forearm-based exercises, in order to prevent an injury. This workout, though, only requires a loaded vest for high reps of lower body weight work.


Skipping-Jump Squats

Progression Jump Squats

The weighted vest lets you do high reps, short and controlled movements. You’ll have to manipulate the weights to lift and lower the vest. This creates an intense workout that targets every muscle group. Plus, the vest is relatively easy to use. Just slide it on and jump. The heavier the weights, the longer and easier the workout will be. You can add a weight vest to a CrossFit workout by choosing a heavy weight for each workout. Add up the number of reps you do and use that weight as your weight vest for that workout. Then add more reps to work the weight up.

Stretch and Recovery

Training in the weight vest is almost like using a heavy weight on the shoulders. The weight will increase from workout to workout. The vest will keep you fit throughout the year. But the weight is also heavy on your shoulders. This could create discomfort during the day if you use the weight for longer than four hours a day. Even with short workouts in the vest, you’ll notice the pain and soreness after each workout. If you lift weights regularly, then adding weight plates or a weighted bar will bring you the relief. Weighted vests can help improve your strength, speed, endurance and decrease your stress level. This leads to stronger, more consistent workouts that will keep you healthy and fit.

If you like working in the weight vest, consider purchasing this weight lifting belt. That way you can lift and move heavy weights for hours in short and controlled movements. The weight is pulled from the belt to the floor. It takes a while to adapt to the weighted vests but you’ll be glad you learned a new way to get fit.Weighted vests are fast growing into a favourite piece of equipment/attire for personal trainers and fitness coaches, who coach athletes with training in exercise science, nutrition and strength training. If they can be used in professional setups such as these, the benefits they have to any CrossFit routine are only limited by the imagination.