Lifestyle Tips to Boost Fertility

There are a great many misconceptions in life. One of the most common is that it is easy to get pregnant. And sure, it can be easy to get pregnant, but it isn’t necessarily so. There are so many different factors that go into getting pregnant that even we are not aware of.

Some couples struggle to conceive and are not immediately aware where the issue is. It could be just a matter of not having gotten lucky yet but it could also be an issue of fertility in either the man, the woman, or both. Sometimes nothing can help boost fertility and people have to look into alternative methods of having children such as going to agencies like Heart of Surrogacy to find surrogate mother to carry their child or looking into adoption. But if it has not been determined that they are infertile there are still other things that they can do to try and boost their fertility.

When dealing with fertility issues, there are ways to boost your fertility if you don’t have a condition that prohibits you from having children. Make sure to get your sexual health checked to. It works both ways, as the male may be having an issue with their own sexual health too, this will need to be discussed to see if bringing in a healthcare professional is the best route to take. If there is a problem with erectile dysfunction, making it difficult to have sex, then a doctor may prescribe medication for this which patients can learn more about over on websites like

Stop Smoking

Smoking has overwhelmingly negative effects on the body across the board but they have pronounced effects on the fertility process, too. In men, smoking can lower sperm counts and even the sperm that is produced may not be properly formed.

In women, smoking has been shown to age your ovaries and can decrease the supply of eggs in the body. Additionally, it harms the cervix and fallopian tubes as well as increases the overall risk of ectopic pregnancy and, unfortunately, miscarriage.

Improve Your Diet and Lose Weight

Additional weight on our bodies can affect so many things: our blood pressure, the way we sleep, and even our fertility levels. Obesity can interfere with ovulation in women and make it difficult to conceive. In men, excess weight can cause changes to hormones that reduce fertility. Not only that, it is linked to sperm that doesn’t move quickly as well as a lower sperm count.

Managing your weight is great for your overall health but it can have drastic effects on your fertility and make it difficult to conceive. Try altering your diet, eating healthier, and becoming more active to counter those weight issues.

Manage Your Stress

Stress is unavoidable but it should be manageable. Getting pregnant can cause extra anxiety and worry, especially if it is something that has been going on for a while. Relieving stress can aid in the fertility process and is something that should be explored. Try yoga, massage, or meditation to help ease your mind and, therefore, your body. This will help you in the conception process and can help your body feel better on the whole, too

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