Nature Walk Activities for Any Day

Nature walks have so many different aspects to offer. You can garner wonderful experiences in a number of different subjects: geography, science, math, and art are just a few. The best part is that if you are taking a class on a nature walk, the experience is different for each of the kids.

Best of all, being outdoors can boost the overall learning development of kids. Bringing kids out on nature walks can really be beneficial to them and they can garner a greater appreciation for the outdoors than they may have previously had.

There are a few noteworthy activities for nature walks that can be highly beneficial.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

This is a wonderful activity for kids of any age but especially those around 11 or under. Hiding objects throughout a given area, even providing clues, can stimulate the children’s sense of adventure and make the outdoor experience all the more fun.

Have them look for plants, objects, animals or a variety of other things that can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like. This makes for a wonderful outdoor activity that will keep both their minds and bodies moving.


Similar to the scavenger hunt, you could have the kids look for different plants and animals throughout the nature walk but the difference here is that you could have them identify and catalogue all of their findings. Keeping track of the variety of different things that they find can really get them invested not only in the things that they find but keep them focused on a specific task.

Anything that can get these kids to enjoy being outdoors, furthering their mental development, and keeping them active and experiencing the joys that nature has to offer.

Plant some trees

This is a wonderful idea for all of the aforementioned reasons – getting kids out into nature, experiencing all that there is to offer in the great outdoors – and it has a wonderful benefit for the area as well.

Planting trees allows your students to get far more familiar with the different types of trees that are common in your local areas and allows them to lay the foundation for future nature walks with all new trees. The added oxygen for the environment probably doesn’t hurt, either. It is a great experience for the kids and gives back to the local ecosystem.