Reducing Your Kitchen Clean Up Efforts Through Vinyl

No matter if it is cooking, rushing or fixing appliances your kitchen always seems to need cleaning up afterwards and it is generally a time-consuming affair.

When you don’t clean your kitchen more often, it may escalate to bigger issues such as smoke damage or dampness issue which in turn can give rise to mold growth. In such situations, you may then have to take the help of Mold and Water Damage Restoration near you that can clean up the mess and make it new again.

This might be because you just want your time freed up or spared in order to do other things around the house or escape for a while, and while it may not instantly jump out as an item that can save a lot of that, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring just may be the best help you could ask for.

Here are some situations that a regular kitchen faces and how Luvanto can withstand even the toughest of kitchen hazards.

Spill and Slip

We all mainly use the kitchen for the cooking and preparing of food and no matter if it be sauces or liquids, there is plenty of risk in the spillage or slippage on your floor. Had we invested in good stone fabricators prior, many of these hassles could have been avoided by now!

Truth be told there are other types of flooring that suffer stains after multiple clean ups have been applied, which is why vinyl offers an easy to clean solution with the added value of stain resistant properties. With just a simple warm soapy sponge you can have the vinyl looking good with no trace of any discolouration from the most challenging of sauces.

There are also a lot of instances where a plate or jar would fall and smash leaving shards of glass found for months onwards, but with vinyl it will have a higher chance in not breaking due to the cushion fall vinyl tile or sheet incorporated. Plates have been documented to have landed without so much as a chip or crack inflicted, which is great in feeling you won’t be replacing that incomplete crockery set. Oxyl-Pro


Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring has built in scratch guard technology ensuring that all those incidents where the floor is given its true test does not mean you need to hide any offending marks.

From the family dog running across the floor to the back garden to the fitting of new kitchen appliances, regular kitchen flooring sees a lot every day, never mind all year.

Vinyl flooring also comes in use with anti-slip properties as well as being waterproof, meaning water from the sink or washing machine will not seep through underneath the flooring causing water damage to your subfloor.

Designs for Everyone

With the vast array of options available, you can allow yourself to be as creative as you feel with the floor and no one will be able to tell it is not authentic.

If you love the look of a wooden floor then have it any tone from light wood to dark. If you like the feel of stone or marble then you can have it looking just how you envision.

From pattern design to something truly innovative, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring provides as many options as you can take and employs specialists who can find you exactly what you are looking to replicate.

Your kitchen provides a lot of care for the needs of family life, which in turn requires a floor solution that provides a sustainable life without daily attention. Therefore, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring and Luvanto Endure Pro collection are the better options for your family home.