Remain healthy and beautiful for life

From the point of view of somebody who emphasises uniqueness, I really don’t like to publish generic views on what health and beauty are.  When it comes to beauty, surely this is subjective isn’t it? When it comes to health though, things aren’t quite as subjective and there are some very specific pointers we can look at in determining whether somebody is healthy or not.

With all of that said though, one can remain healthy and beautiful for life if they follow the advice of those who’ve gone before them and managed to do it and fortunately for the loyal readers of this particular blog we’ve had a sit-down with such people. Here’s what they had to share with us, as we took the time to sift through everything and aggregate the most important takeaways:

Two different definitions of beauty

Although we’re all about emphasising uniqueness here at EmmaGem, I’ll be the first to acknowledge that we are indeed social beings, instinctively programmed with a sense of wanting to belong. As a result, in addition to the standard of beauty for which I’m an advocate, which is embracing what’s unique about you as the individual, I’m fully aware of the existence of a different standard of beauty, which of course is that which is set by the public at large. Some might go as far as saying that this publically accepted standard of beauty isn’t really set by the public itself and that it’s rather set by those big corporations in the beauty industry which really just want to sell their products and services to the public.

Fair enough, but then again if that was the only determining factor of public beauty standards, then the public would’ve have blindly taken to every single trend that’s unleashed via events such as fashion shows and through the commercials on TV and other media. That’s not quite the case.

Either way, if you’re comfortable with how you look naturally, remaining beautiful for life is as easy as just washing up well and perhaps highlighting the features which make you uniquely beautiful. If you’re more of a trend-follower then you’ll probably just have to spend a little bit more money, but then it becomes just as easy to remain beautiful because you can be in some of the latest trends by just following what the fashion and beauty gurus say – the style-makers.

Getting to know the specific intricacies of your body

Now we get into the healthy bit of the equation, which fortunately actually accounts for both itself (staying healthy) and for the beauty side of things. It’s a simple matter of this – if you focus on how you feel as opposed to solely focussing on how you look, you will radiate natural beauty that lasts for life.

So if you go and exercise religiously as a matter of a lifestyle choice, something like the clear skin you’ll enjoy would make for an outward expression of how you feel on the inside. If you feel good, you look good as well and it all comes down to getting to know the specific intricacies of your specific body.