Should You Trust Online Dating?

Throwing your hat in the ring when it comes to online dating can be both exciting and scary. You get to meet new people which you can match up with due to common interests and location online, skipping the ‘are we compatible’ test! You’re getting ready to go out, putting your best dress on, glossing your lips, and curling your hair. Perhaps a couple of squirts of a pheromones for women infused perfume, or perhaps a nice evening scent of your choice. But then you think, I’ve never met this person, can I trust them? I don’t have anyone around to back me up if something goes wrong.

With that in mind, should you be trusting of online dating?

If you have one really bad online dating experience, it could lead you to shy away from such dating moving ahead.

So, what precautions should you take when it comes to online dating?

Your Safety is Always Priority Number One

In giving online dating a chance, here are some areas you need to focus on:

1. Your safety matters – Without a doubt, your safety should always be priority number one. Never put yourself in a position where you can end up in harm’s way. That said always plan to meet someone for a first date in a public setting. Don’t take the risk of going to one’s home to meet them. You are also better off meeting them in the daytime or at least early evening hours. Finally, let a family member or friend know where you plan to meet the person and when. This way someone close to you knows your whereabouts. You do not want to go off to meet someone and no one in your circle is aware of it. If you’re meeting for a hook-up, you need to consider other safety issues. Hook-ups tend to be later at night in the dark, which is itself dangerous, so try not to use dating apps purely for hooking up. Instead, consider getting a silicone sex doll to use instead of being tempted to use an app. It’s much safer, and you don’t have to leave your house.

2. Background info – How well you know the person you plan to meet tends to be up to how much effort you put into it. For instance, are you going to ask them about past dating and even if they were married? Unfortunately, there are people not telling the truth out there. As such, you could be lied to before you even meet up with them in person. If you have their full name and whereabouts, it would be wise to do a little online research. You could inquire online about public divorce records. Such records can lead you to discover if the person saying they are divorced is in fact not married now. There are some men and women looking for a little fun on the side while still being legally married. Always know the difference between one in the middle of a divorce and one who in fact is married. They can be lying to their spouse and any men or women they meet.

3. What the expectations are – It is also important to know your expectations and those of the one you intend to me. Always be upfront about what you are looking to get out of online dating. If one or both individuals are not honest, it can lead to heartache and more. Let someone know if you are only seeking friendship or something more involved now or down the road.

4. Know the dating site – Last, make sure you also do some research on the dating site or sites you are using or plan to. There are so many out there which is why it’s so important for you to find the right one for you, whether that be Tinder, Bumble, or Arab Lounge. Check if they come with high recommendations from other singles? Is there a fee to use the site or is it free? If there is a monthly fee, be sure you know and understand the full terms. You do not want to end up with charges you were not expecting to.

When it comes to online dating, will you trust it or look for other ways to meet people?