Style Advice for Guys in College

Guys are generally slow learners; it’s just the hand nature dealt us. This is never more apparent than with our wardrobe in college. T-shirts, basketball shorts, and flip-flops are the uniforms of the average college male. And that’s fine some of the time. But when you’re out in public, dressing up should be encouraged.

The thing about it is that it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. There are a few things that college guys anonymous can do to look and dress better without breaking the bank or getting up hours earlier to primp themselves”

If you are a college guy, just try a few of these fashion tips and you will not only look better but feel better as well.

Try Polos Instead of Tees

This doesn’t have to be an everyday sort of thing but when you venture out, try mixing it up with a polo instead of a t-shirt every now and then. It doesn’t have to be any name-brand designer shirt; there are plenty of more affordable options that look just as good.

Polos are infinitely dressier than a t-shirt and take only a fraction more of effort. It is worth noting that you shouldn’t pop the collar on your polo. The time for that has come and gone and it wasn’t even that cool to begin with.

Hoodies are a necessity

If you’re feeling a bit lazy to do an OOTD, cool hoodies will make up for it. You can easily pair up a plain boring shirt with just your regular pullover hoodie. If you are looking for something comfortable, a cashmere hoodie may be the solution as it is the coziest type of garment. You can choose a variety of colors and sizes depending on your mood – whether you’re feeling sporty, low-key, or minimalist.

Don’t Forget Sports Wear

When it comes to college life, sportswear is an essential part of every guy’s wardrobe. Whether you’re hitting the gym, attending a sports event, or simply lounging around campus, having the right kind of activewear can make all the difference.

Look for breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics, and also ones that can easily be mixed and matched. Alternatively, you can opt for custom-made outfits from the likes of Just remember, you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality when it comes to sportswear.

Mix up Your Footwear

Running shoes are comfortable but they certainly are not stylish. Instead of looking like you’re about to run a 5K, try switching to casual leather shoes. You can find affordable styles and colors to go with any outfit, making them versatile as well as fashionable.

Instead of flip flops, maybe try going with something like moccasins. And instead of sneakers, try wearing something that straddles the line between casual and formal like a buck or chukka. The point is to not always dress down because it’s easier and more comfortable when the alternative will have you looking better and can sometimes be just as comfortable.

Take Care of Your Face

This one might not pertain to your clothing, but it is a tip for your overall style. Keep your face free of stubble and your head free of baseball caps. That casual look is fine at times but most of the time it just makes you look disheveled. Care for yourself; it really only takes a few extra minutes of your time each day.