The Best Wellness Gifts for New Mums

We’ve all been there. Somebody in our life has had a baby, and we want to treat them to a gift. Traditionally, the new baby gets all the attention (and rightfully so!), but the new Mum also needs a little pampering for herself. In fact, mental health experts such as Better Help have stated that new mothers who regularly implement self-care into their lives are more likely to treat postpartum depression. So, be there for the new Mum in your life and pick out a great self-care gift for her. Here are a few ideas. 

Gift Care Packages 

Look no further than a customised gift care package: an assortment of gifts that come in a hamper set up to make somebody smile. Gift care packages can be bespoke or themed, and there are plenty for new mums to feel appreciated and pampered. And the best part? They’re absolutely packed with goodies, so it takes a while to get through everything, and if Mum is crafty, she can use the hamper for storage or crafts in the long run.

Bath sets

Similar to gift care packages, bath sets are a lovely way to get Mum to take some time for herself. Just remember to choose something healthful for her that won’t put the baby in danger if they come into contact with it! Choose soothing bath sets with oils, salts or even a lovely assortment of bath bombs that release bubbles. Avoid anything that will be a pain to clean up. Mum already has enough to do as it is!


There is nothing lovelier than a candle, especially a well-made candle. We’re talking about candles without any toxic ingredients (VERY important, especially for the new baby’s health!). Opt for organic candles made with soy, and get anything that’s slow-burning. Candles get pricey, so you will want something worth it. Also, the lovelier and subtler the smell, the better – you’ll want to help Mum rid herself of the stench of soiled diapers.

Spa Day

This one is quite a pricey option, and there’s always the risk that Mum will never end up taking advantage, but a spa day is a great gift for any new Mum. With the promise that there’s a day lined up that’s just for her to pamper herself completely and take a break, catch up on some sleep, or anything of the like is a lovely way for her to celebrate the strength it takes to bring new life into the world on her own time. 

A Bit of Everything

This idea is aligned with gift care packages. You could combine all of the above and more to give Mum a taste of everything indulgent that will brighten her day. Don’t forget to follow this formula: something cosy, something soothing, and something sweet like a cheeky chocolate bar or pack of truffles. Check out these gift boxes for women to inspire you, and you might just end up liking one of those for the new mum! 

Suppose you are interested in finding the perfect hamper of wellness gifts for the special new Mum or any other friend in your life. A lot of small businesses have a large selection of gorgeous and ethical products as well as decadent ones. Remember that the gift of self-care is the gift that keeps on giving. It may be worth noting that a new mother may not be getting the best sleep and picking the right Brooklyn mattress may help improve their sleep.