Things to consider before designing printed mailing boxes

Selling products in branded printed mailing boxes can help to elevate your business in more ways than one. Not only can they encourage current customers that they made the right choice purchasing from you, but they can also encourage potential customers to buy from you instead of your competitors.

Therefore choosing the right design for your printed mailing box is going to have a big impact, so what elements are important to consider before bulk ordering your first batch of printed mailing boxes?

The product

The first key thing to consider is the product/products that people will actually be buying from you. It is important to think about the dimensions that the box is going to be to fit the contents in, as well as the weight of the products. If you have a broad product range, is ordering multiple sizes a good idea? Ordering printed mailing boxes that are bursting open or break during delivery is probably going to have the exact opposite of the desired effect.

Your product

What brand image are you trying to present? Are you going for creative, sophisticated or maybe environmentally friendly? It’s important to think about your business values when designing your printed mailing box and how you are going to portray this through your design. If you are selling luxury products then you are probably going to need to spend a bit more on high quality mailing boxes in order to keep the consistency. Likewise if a key USP of your business is that you are eco-friendly, then you are likely going to have to use recycled card for your printed mailing box and environmentally friendly inks for printing.

Your customer

When choosing your design for your printed mailing boxes, one of the key considerations you are going to have to think about is your customers, after all, the packaging is for them. It is important to think about what kinds of features your customer is going to notice and appreciate. Would quirky designs work better than traditional? Will they prefer certain materials over others? Although you might have one idea about how you want the printed mailing box to look, you need to design it for your customers, as this will make them more likely to share on social media or tell a friend if it is to their taste.

Your branding

Through all of your online and offline business marketing it is essential that your branding remains consistent. If the customer takes one glance at your custom product boxes that you have likely customized, they should be able to instantly recognize your business otherwise it won’t have the desired effect. Printed mailing boxes and packaging should be thought of as a business representative, it needs to have clearly displayed logos, your brand colours and fonts. Any content printed on the Custom Boxes also needs to match your company tone of voice, take a look at your website and social media to see the style of writing your content is written in.

Designing your first business printed mailing bags to send to customers can be stressful with lots to remember and consider, above all it needs to be tailored to your customers and reflect your branding. If you need extra help, hiring a graphic designer can alleviate some of the stress if you have the budget to do so.