Tips for Staging Your Home Headed into Fall 2021

Ready or not, here fall comes. As late August approaches faster than we might have anticipated, those who have been looking towards selling their homes in the fall season are likely feeling the pressure. Autumn has historically been a popular time to sell a home, and now that many people are vaccinated and feeling comfortable with the state of the economy, the real estate industry has hit the ground running. People are excited about buying houses again, putting you as a seller in a very good position. Staging has always been one of the most important pieces in the real estate process. Below is a curated list of staging tips for selling in the fall for you to follow!

Start Your Fall Cleaning

Fall is the transition period between the active and hot season of summer and the cold and busy season of winter. It’s the ideal time to get your cleaning and chores done, especially if you’re selling a house. Staging isn’t just adding in furniture and decorations, it’s also getting the house looking fresh and new for potential buyers. A deep cleaning, reorganizing, and tidying is a must. Start with the exterior of the house and make sure the lawn is mowed and all of the leaves are raked. If you have a few trees or hedges where their leaves don’t fall, then you can always contact Red Shovel’s tree trimming services to come and give those a little trim before any potential buyers come round. For the interior, after cleaning, tend to any wall scuffs, floor stains, or other markings that make your home look drab.

Use Late Season Flowers to Your Advantage

First impressions are usually the most important, and the exterior of your home is the first thing that people are going to see when they pull up. Use the colors of fall to your advantage and take charge of your curb appeal with some flowers, which you can also mirror inside your home with fresh-cut flowers from local florists like in Chirnside Park, or your nearest alternative. If your home has trees in front of it and you live in an area where the leaves change, purchase flowers that will compliment the colors. If you live in a more subtropical or desert environment where leaves changing colors just isn’t a thing, then opt for some flowers and plants that will go with the look of your home. Top agent insights tell us that the next few months are going to be busy for real estate. Mastering curb appeal is a must.

Be Creative With Lighting

Night comes sooner in the fall when daylight savings time hits, making lighting one of the most important staging assets out there. Be thoughtful with the lighting choices you make, as some can wash out your home and add too much brightness. Opt for lights that add warmth and that accentuate the more attractive features in your home. For example, if your kitchen is up to date and has an island, you can add in some modern ceiling lights to draw eyes towards that. Be creative and have fun.

Stock Up on Fall Decor

Last but not least is to dive into all that fall decorations have to offer. You shouldn’t go overboard, but use the red, orange, and yellow tones to your advantage. Adding in a pumpkin here and there can give visitors a warm and fuzzy feeling that will help them picture themselves cozying up in the house after purchasing it!
Staging your home properly can help you sell your house faster and for a lot more money. Use a net proceeds calculator to get the jist of what your home is worth and then consult with a real estate agent to see how much proper staging could earn you. Selling should be a breeze this season!

Infographic created by National Land Realty – land for sale in Alabama