Tips to Make Your Pet Instagram Famous

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Instagram is a popular social media website estimated to have 1 billion users now, which is expected to cross 1.2 billion by the year 2023. This makes it one of the most crucial platforms that people can use to become famous. At the time of its introduction, Instagram mainly focused on travel, food, and fashion photos. But now a new trend has emerged where people garner attention by creating accounts of their adorable fur babies.

In fact, the last few years have seen quite a number of pets that have turned into influencers on Instagram. These pets have won the hearts of millions with their quirky and adorable photos.

Everyone can make their pets famous on Instagram by using a few tips and tricks. Some of them include:

Choose a good theme

Instagram has thousands of pet accounts. So, it is important to have a theme that makes you stand out from the innumerable number of similar accounts. There are numerous themes in which you can have fun with your pet, like pet fashion, ASMR food tests, or even a general lifestyle blog documenting the daily life of your pet. But always remember to add something unique that will make your pet stand out. If your pet is eccentric or mischievous, use that.

Choose a good profile picture and bio

The first thing that people will notice about the Instagram account of your pet is the profile picture and bio. Make sure to give a striking and unique profile picture that will instantly attract the attention of others. With advancements in technology, you can now even use your pet’s pictures to Generate beautiful photographic AI Avatars Portraits. You can then upload these quirky-looking AI-generated pictures of your pet as the display picture of the Instagram page. This can help you to draw the attention of new followers on the social media platform. Also, try to give an intriguing and engaging bio that will keep the audience hooked for more.

Know and use the personality of your pet

Different people dig different pet personalities. Some people love shy and cute pets, whereas some fall in love with mischievous and loud ones. Start by knowing the personality of your pet and designing your account accordingly. You can even choose an account name that aptly describes the personality of your pet. This will allow the audience to gauge what to expect from your account. Make sure you stay on theme.

Post quality photos

No one wants to see blurred or unfocused images. Make sure to post good-quality and aesthetically pleasing photos that are perfectly edited. Experiment with natural lighting and widen your aperture to produce images with a fuzzy backdrop or a narrow depth of field. It is also better to plan your photoshoots so that you can add finer details to the images.

Be consistent

Consistency is an important factor that will contribute to the success of your pet account on Instagram. People will want to see daily accounts of what your pet is doing. There are numerous people who post more than once daily to keep their followers in the loop. If you are inconsistent or stray from your theme, people will slowly lose interest. There will also be a lack of continuity, and people will miss a large chunk of your pet’s life if you post inconsistently.

Keep your pet healthy

Let’s be honest here, the entirety of Petstagram runs of cuteness, and as shallow as it might sound, unhealthy pets are just not that cute. Sure, you might get some sympathy likes out of them but it’s not a sustainable strategy. Therefore, maintaining your pet’s health is very important if you want to make them a brand. A regular visit to the vet and using the proper medicine (learn more here) could go a long way in keeping your pet photogenic and increasing its lifespan.

Widen your hashtags

General hashtags are important and they will surely get you views. But, it is also important to use some specific hashtags like #throwbackthursday, #tongueouttuesday, or #mondaze along with the general hashtags to get more attention. This will also allow your audience to connect more with the daily life and mood of your pet.

Post cute things

People on Instagram love cute and cheesy pet videos. You must have seen a few dog or cat videos where they are getting a special pet spa treatment using health and hygiene products. You can take a similar approach to generate new content by investing in dog toys, grooming, and accessories. You could also consider getting a wooden dog house to install indoors or outdoors, along with a dog pet bed, cushion, comforter, food bowl, and more, which could be featured in your pet photos and videos to be shared on the blog. This can make your canine family member famous online and inspire others on social media to provide the best to their pets.

Know the audience

Along with knowing the personality of your pet, you should also have a good idea about the audience you are catering to. You should know the geographical region where your pet is most popular. For example, if you have a Shiba Inu, popular in both America and Asia, you should post at a time when both continents are awake. This will get you more views from the audience in both places. It is also important to know the tastes of all the audiences and try to make videos that can cater to them. You must also experiment at different times to determine which gives you the maximum engagement. Try to create a business account on Instagram as it can handle all the analytics for you.

Be active offline

Socializing also plays an important part in gaining more followers for your pet’s Instagram account. You should attend pet parties and events where you can meet similar famous pets. Take photos and post them on your account to gather more followers. Remember to add the other Instagram pet stars to widen the target audience base. Also, take creative inspiration from famous Instagram pets to make your content. Instagram is a great place to make your pet a celebrity while having fun. You can make your pet Instagram famous if you make sma