Travel Tips for Traveling to Mexico

Mexico is a wonderful tourist destination due to the many resorts (like these at Exceptional Villas), beaches, and the wonderful weather that it offers. Best of all, traveling to these resorts and seeing the beautiful sites is cost effective and you can have a wonderful time for a relatively low cost.

But there are definitely things that you need to know before you travel to Mexico. Making rookie mistakes can hamper a trip and you could feel as though you are missing out on a greater experience. Follow these tips and you will have a great time the next time you book a trip to Mexico.

Don’t Lose Your Slip

When you arrive in Mexico, an immigration officer will hand you back your stamped passport, but make sure that you pay attention because there is another piece of paper that is tucked into your passport. It is a form asking for comments from visitors about their stay.

It is easy to lose this slip but it is pretty important: if you don’t have it when they ask for it, you’ll have to pay a fine. Save yourself a few extra bucks by keeping this tear away form and filling it out prior to leaving the country.

There Is More to It Than Just Resorts

While the resorts are certainly beautiful and more than worth the price to stay at and visit, there is far more to Mexico than those beach resorts. Sure, take the time to enjoy yourself and the amenities that are offered at the resorts, but don’t limit yourself to it.

There are a number of towns worth exploring throughout Mexico, and the countryside is beautiful. You can go to cities like Cabo with beautiful sea and lots of bars and restaurants that can serve authentic mexican food. You can a web search for your favorite activities before visiting any city; for instance, keywords like Cabo Nightclub or restaurants to get all the information. Moreover, there are also mountains and fishing villages that are more than worth your time, and you will feel as though you got to see far more of the country than your average tourist.

Don’t Stress over Safety

Mexico gets a bit of a bad reputation because of kidnappings and crimes that have happened in the country. But the thing to remember is that those happen in more distant towns that you will be unlikely to visit anyways.

Obviously, don’t be irresponsible, but make sure to meet with many of the citizens of Mexico as they are some of the friendliest that you will ever meet. You are very unlikely to run into any sort of trouble in Mexico so long as you are not completely irresponsible.