What Damage Can Potholes Cause?

Potholes are something I am sure you think about very little, however the severity of the damage a pothole can cause is an issue more people must be aware of. The number of claims due to injuries and damage related to potholes has skyrocketed since 2018, as reported by LeaseCar UK.

Our Country has had an ongoing issue with potholes for many years. Potholes are caused by the groundwater freezing and then expanding when it turns to ice in the Winter which therefore causes the ground to crack which then leads to a pothole after the heavy weight of traffic repeatedly drives over the crack.

Most drivers know that potholes are to be avoided, but when driving in the dark, it can be difficult to see them and I’m sure you have experienced at least once, the almighty shock when your car loudly hits a pothole. However, the severity of hitting a pothole is not to be underestimated as potholes can cause tyres to burst, cars to spin out of control and even crashes.

Some cities suffer from potholes worse than others, but it is a common problem in the majority of the country. The City Councils are supposed to maintain the roads and fix reported issues but with lack of funding this is becoming more of a challenge. However, Councils are now having to pay out huge insurance claims due to injuries caused by potholes which surely causes more financial damage.

Lease Car has researched which Cities from across the Country to see which location is the pothole capital of the country and you wouldn’t believe the results. #PotholePandemic

If you’ve been affected by the #PotholePandemic whether it be a claim with the council or if you’ve been injured due to poor road conditions, be sure to get in touch and tell us about your experience.