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What Types of Serviced Apartments are Available in Bristol?

If you’re new to serviced apartments, you probably don’t know what all is available to you. After all, they’re not like hotels that come in a cookie-cutter format. You get real options.

So, before you go booking one of the many Bristol serviced apartments available, let’s go over your options.

We’ll be focusing on Beech House serviced apartments as they’re the most varied and worthwhile options in Bristol.

All Your Options Provide an Unmatched Level of Luxury

As long as you stick to Bristol’s top serviced apartment provider, Beech House, you don’t have to worry about having a poor experience. Each apartment is designed with luxury and customer satisfaction in mind.

That doesn’t mean you’re limited to bourgeois options, though. There are multiple style options to choose from. From Victorian apartments that embody timeless class, to more modernized options focused on pure functionality and simplicity, there’s an option to match your taste.

1: Studio Apartments

A studio apartment is the smallest option available. You won’t get much space, and your accommodations will be far too cramped to bring a family along. With most studio apartments, you’ll get a single bathroom that focuses on maximizing functionality while minimizing room, a small kitchen, and a living room that doubles as a sleeping area.

However, a  studio apartment’s small size shouldn’t turn you off of renting one. They pack all the luxury of larger options into a smaller package, and they’re perfect for solo travelers and couples. They’re also more cost-effective for short-term stays or solo travelers on a budget.

2: One-Bedroom Apartments

One-bedroom apartments provide you with full-sized accommodations and a fully private bedroom and bath. They’re much larger than studio apartments, but they’re not so large that you need a whole group to warrant getting one.

No, they’re perfect for solo travelers and couples who plan on staying for a longer period or simply don’t want to be crammed into their living space like sardines.

However, one-bedroom serviced apartments can be cost-effective accommodations for three or four-person groups if some members are willing to forego a private bedroom for alternative sleeping arrangements. This is probably best for short-term stays only, though.

3: Two-Bedroom Apartments

Two-bedroom apartments are the largest you’re likely to find in Bristol. They’re typically too large for couples, and they have a lot of unnecessary space for most solo travelers, but they’re great for traveling families and groups.

With a full-sized living room, kitchen, bath, and two private bedrooms, a two-bedroom apartment work great for families; although, the price often reflects the size.

Fully Furnished and Ready to Go

All of these options are fully furnished and move-in ready once you’ve booked your stay. So, packing more than your necessities isn’t required. Also, be on the lookout for special add-ons such as free parking codes, special services, and more.