Where to Find a DNA Test and How Much Do They Cost?

The two most popular DNA tests are for paternity and for heritage, so we are going to start there, then we will get into others. The market offers DNA test kits to help individuals discover their genetic heritage, providing insight into the places from which their ancestors might come. Those who have used ancestry tests in the past have the option to record their DNA results on a database.

Process overview

An individual who sends a sample for this type of testing may have his DNA matched with individuals already registered in a database. To use the Health+Ancestry service, a person orders the test kit online and provides a saliva sample, then submits the sample to an Ancestry lab for analysis.

Why get a DNA test?

The Health + Ancestry service also estimates the person’s genetic susceptibility for specific health traits, such as being underweight or overweight. Health tests can also be used to identify whether there are specific vitamins or supplements that you should take, as well as what types of exercises are most likely to work best for a person of your DNA composition.

Once you know what you are looking for, and know which types of tests are best for you, you can research different companies that offer DNA testing services, and pick the right set of tests for your budget. For one, many expecting parents might want to do learn more about their baby during their pregnancy. As such, they can go in for Prenatal gender DNA testing from GenderDX New Zealand or similar companies. For another, people might want to know who their biological parents are, and thus would like to take a paternity test. In any case, if you decide to get a DNA test done in a hospital, you should know the cost depends on whether or not your insurance provides coverage, how much testing you get, and where you go. The cost of paternity testing depends on why you want a test, as well as how you went about having your DNA fatherhood test performed.


So, how much does a dna test cost? For a DNA paternity test performed in a certified lab, it costs $130 to $200, and that is if you are collecting the DNA at home. The cost for a paternity test in New Jersey (alleged father and children, or presumed father, mother, and children) starts at $199.99 and goes up from there. The cost of a DNA test to determine ancestral origins ranges from $49 to $200 and up, depending on what kind of information is included.

What about DNA tests for pets?

A DNA test for pets can run $49-$199, depending on the depth of the race and the health reports included. Preconception genetic tests, commonly called carrier screens, can cost between $0-$400 depending on insurance coverage, lab used, and number of conditions tested. Many laboratories offering prenatal genetic testing can do a survey of your insurance coverage and work with you to determine any possible costs.

Other practical applications

A free or inexpensive DNA test kit may be able to answer questions about parentage before you decide to pursue a case in court, provided that you are confident you are sending a sample to a laboratory and the sample cannot be altered. Whether you are looking to verify paternity, prove sibling relationships, or explore genealogy, whether it is for peace of mind or legal purposes, we are here to offer you the right DNA tests, at the most competitive rates, in a confidential, professional manner. People must pay a fee to upgrade to a package that allows them to receive data about their genetic risks of specific medical conditions, like heart disease and breast cancer.