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Why Gold Vermeil is the Best Choice for Budget Friendly Jewelry

Gold jewelry is all the rage right now. Styling gold pieces can elevate your whole outfit. If you want the look without breaking the bank then gold vermeil is the way to go. Gold vermeil has a Sterling Silver base with a layer of gold plated over the top. The outer layer of gold vermeil jewelry must be at least 2.5 microns thick.

Solid gold jewelry can be quite expensive and isn’t feasible if you want a layered look. Gold plated pieces can fade over time or tarnish as the under layer is typically a lower quality metal. Gold filled jewelry may irritate skin and tarnish over time because of the base layer. Gold vermeil is the best budget friendly option to get a trendy look.

Gold vermeil is made to bring the look of expensive gold jewelry to everyone by making it more affordable. The Sterling Silver base means you won’t get irritated by fake or bad quality metals. It has an extra thick layer of gold which means it won’t tarnish easily and will stay golden longer.

It is an excellent option for those who have sensitive skin because it is made from only precious metals. Gold vermeil is hypoallergenic so it is perfect for those who are easily irritated by bad quality jewelry. While it isn’t technically waterproof you can certainly wear it in the shower without worrying. It is water resilient so you won’t damage your jewelry in the shower or bath. Avoiding oceans, pools, and hot tubs to prevent permanent damage is a good choice.

It makes a great choice for people who love to wear jewelry everyday because it does not easily tarnish. Class rings, for example, could be designed with gold vermeil as it is a piece of jewelry that most students as well as alumni would cherish for a long time. Companies like Jostens ( offer customization options for college jewelry, so it could be a good choice to consider when coming up with personal designs. When it comes to gold pieces there are so many different options for materials from gold vermeil, gold plated, gold filled, and solid gold. Gold vermeil is your longest lasting option aside from solid gold for a look you’ll love to wear.

Whether you’re looking to create your ideal layered look with a bar necklace or the ring stack of your dreams gold vermeil makes it easy to get a luxe golden look without spending all your savings. Gold vermeil is often called demi-fine because it is comprised of only precious metals. Gold vermeil is easy to clean as well so you can polish it back to perfection even if the Sterling Silver underneath begins to tarnish. Tarnishing always seems a lot scarier than it is! Tarnishing on gold vermeil doesn’t mean your piece is ruined and is super easy to polish away. Clean and polish your jewelry once a month to keep them looking shiny for a long time.

The best choice for your everyday jewelry is always the one that’s most versatile and simple for you to style. You can find gold vermeil at many reputable jewelry retailers and in so many different styles. It is quickly becoming one of the more popular materials for jewelry. It is always best to check the reputability of your retailer before purchasing to make sure the pieces are authentic.

Creating your jewelry collection can be a slow but fun process as you find the right pieces at the right prices. No matter your personal taste gold vermeil is a great alternative to more expensive options without sacrificing style.

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