Why is Teak a good timber?

Teak, also known as Tectona grandis, is a tropical hardwood tree from the Lamiaceae family that is native to South and Southeast Asia, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Burma. Tectona Grandis trees are known to grow over 130 feet tall, with the best Teak timber coming from trees that are aged between 40 and 80 years old.

Teak timber is famous for its durability and water resistance making it used regularly for a wide range of uses including construction, indoor and outdoor furniture, boat building and frames. Clearly teak has some great characteristics for it to be used across so many areas, if you are considering using Teak timber, have a read at the top benefits to choosing it over other similar hardwoods.

Advantages of Teak Timber


Teak timber has a very nice appearance, with a straight grain and golden colour it is very easy to coordinate the natural look into a variety of settings both indoors and out. Similarly, the straight grain means that the wood is quite smooth to touch, sometimes even smoother than man made alternatives such as plywood and block board.

Heat insulation

Another advantage is that teak timber has been known to have heat insulating properties. As the timber is known to be able to maintain a constant temperature, not too hot and not too cold it can help keep interiors a good temperature. In hot climates it can help to keep homes cool, whilst in colder climates it can help to keep homes warm.

Rot & Termite resistance

Due to a selection of natural oils present in it, the wood has good resistance to both rot and termites. This, however, may not completely eliminate the need for termite treatment. Though natural oils make teak wood more durable helping it repel termites and prevent rot, it still requires proper care like a piece of furniture made of any other wooden material.

Apparently, when it is not properly taken care of, the possibilities still exist of the wood getting infested with termites. In that case, it is best to check online for the termite treatment cost in your local area and get it treated by a professional specializing in the particular service.


Despite being a very strong and durable hardwood, Teak is also reported to have a good workability when it comes to carpentry. When more artistic forms and shapes are required for specific furniture it is reported that Teak timber can be easily carved by hand making this wood a good choice for creative jobs as well as construction. Likewise, Teak is also compatible with a number of metals such as iron and isn’t damaged or corroded by them.


As a hard wood, Teak timber is very strong and durable making it good for use both indoors as well as out. Teak furniture has been known to be used in excess of 100 years with correct maintenance meaning that it can be a great investment timber for long term use. Teak timber is also exceptionally strong making it a popular choice for timber framed construction elements such as columns and beams.

Teak timber is a very high quality and versatile wood that is great for heavy duty uses as well as more elegant and artistic jobs. To make sure Teak is the best timber for your project, conduct your own research and speak to an expert if needed.