Working out of Serviced Apartments

It would naturally get a bit too expensive to stay for extended periods in something like a luxury serviced apartment, so as a remote worker when you do indeed have the chance to stay in one, you should make the most of it in many ways. Here are some guidelines around working out of serviced apartments, perhaps as part of what is becoming a more common way of life in this day and age- working remotely.

Move at ‘odd’ times

I should have perhaps kicked-off with establishing a routine as the first point of discussion, but then again these aren’t meant to be in any kind of order. In any case, this doesn’t refer to your working routine, but rather your schedule of moving around.

No matter how productive you become in one apartment, or how comfortable, inevitably you should be looking to move on to another one at least once a month if you can, but definitely at least once every two-three months max. When you do move, schedule the move for what would be considered to be odd times of the month, because then you can take advantage of those mid-month deals and avoid the conventional rush.

Establish an average budget

If things took a turn for the worst, you should know of that one place which you can essentially fall-back on as offering the cheapest serviced apartment out of which to work and live. If anything that demonstrates to you how much money you can save while still going along comfortably enough, in which case an average budget becomes apparent. Whenever you can save money, do so, so that you can occasionally treat yourself with longer stays at the more luxurious serviced apartments you may occasionally work out of.

The aim is not to spend anything unnecessarily just because of some immediate savings you come into.

Embrace the remote workers’ lifestyle of content creation

While doing your primary work out of the luxury of serviced apartments, take the opportunity to fully embrace the remote workers’ lifestyle of creating the type of content which can be monetised. If content creation is already your thing, you’ll know all about what we’re talking about here, but otherwise, something like a first-person review of all the places you stay in can be packaged into some content which can be monetised. You can even have fun with it, maybe you have an amazing view, show it off! Or maybe you can get some extra eyeballs from learning and using something new to your audience like kitchen appliances or a bidet toilet seat.

Slap some booking platform affiliate links on that content, even if it’s not for that specific property, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a hotel bookings super affiliate, just to make one example.

Establish a dynamic routine

One of the main reasons why anyone would choose to be a remote worker, particularly out of serviced apartments, is for the freedom it offers. So why then would we hint at establishing a routine?

It should be a dynamic one, meaning that you don’t have to adhere to specific times to complete your work, but rather set yourself goals around the completion of tasks that need to be done by a certain time. Most importantly, when you are working as a remote worker, you would need to ensure that you have a stable internet connection that can help you finish your work by the scheduled time. Otherwise, you might just keep lagging behind. For that, however, you might need viasat internet plans that could provide you with unlimited standard data and wide internet availability in rural and suburban areas. Once you are ready with high-speed internet, you can be assured about the completion of tasks quickly.

Share accommodation to save costs

Finally, link up with other remote workers and in many instances, you can share the costs in much better accommodation, such as a luxury serviced apartment in a place like Clifton, Bristol. This could not only help you to save money but also can prove to be beneficial in the long run.