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    Are you a professional “life liver” who has a passion for discovering new ways of doing things, paired with a flair for writing? If so, then we’d love for you to contribute to this blog. Emma Gem ( might be named after one person, but it’s a platform that’s made for everybody and anybody who can either benefit out of it or add to its collective value!

    Even if you’re not quite the wordsmith you can get in touch with us to discuss some suggestions you might have in the way of the content matter to be published on this lifestyle blog. So you might not be particularly looking to sponsor a post or anything like that, but rather just want to share a life hack which has worked wonders for you, in which case we welcome you either way!

    For those of you who do indeed have a flair for writing and you’re confident that you can contribute content that falls in line with the publishing standards that can be seen throughout the content which has already been shared, we want to hear from you. All I ask is that you first get in touch with us before submitting any content. After all, we won’t just accept any content as is, even if the writing is clearly of the highest quality. We just have a certain set of editorial guidelines which we could never even publish in their entirety, even if we wanted to.

    It’s all about where we are as a platform at that specific time and so we might be looking for a slightly different angle, a specific angle, or we might be looking for a different topic altogether. At Emma Gem, it’s more about what you write than it is about how you write it, although we do emphasize high standards throughout.


    Emma Gem is a lifestyle blog, with a primary focus on promoting the uniqueness contained in each and every one of us. As a result, if we’re to consider publishing any guest posts or other forms of written contributions, what you have to share has to have a unique twist to it.

    We’re not out for the most obscure, weird and subjectively wonderful trivia though. Rather, we just want to know about how to get certain thing that form part of our lifestyles done! If you’ve figured out or stumbled upon some unique and effective way of solving even the tiniest of lifestyle issues we face today, that’s exactly the kind of content we want from you!

    Did you perhaps find a way to travel to all corners of the world on the cheap? If so, then why not get in touch with us to discuss the submission of some content, which we might go ahead and publish after editing, of course?

    We fully understand that sometimes the simplest of hacks result in the best results, so you don’t have to have swim the English Channel to qualify as someone who can share some useful tips about personal development and overcoming obstacles, for instance! So if you’ve perhaps figured out a way to make sure you always get a window seat when you fly, for example, that would make for the kind of useful information our readers here typically find value in. I mean what are the odds that every one of our readers actually finds themselves on the same flight and applies the same strategy to get a window seat? What it’ll probably mean in any case is that each of us who benefit and contribute to this platform enjoys a window seat, even in the smallest of aircrafts!

    How about getting rid of eczema using a natural remedy, or uncovering some wildly effective method of super-boosting your metabolism? Perhaps you’ve learned how to produce musical beats using nothing but some music production software installed on your laptop, or maybe you’ve learned how to trade Forex using your Smartphone. Whatever it is, if it is of some value to you in the context of a specific moment in time, or indeed if it’s a life-hack you can benefit from over the longer term in your life, why not share it with us here at Emma Gem?

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