6 on-trend hairstyles for wedding guests this summer

Love is in the air, and the freedom to enjoy the company of our friends and family is back. No longer are we condemned to the leggings and a quick ponytail for work on Zoom. We can find our glam and get out and party and celebrate the coming together of two people in love. 

You might feel a little out of practice, as you haven’t had to get your glad rags on for such a long time. You might vaguely remember how you have to move from the venue to the meal to dancing but need some advice on getting the best look for the whole day. Then, there is the possible heavy downpour that happens in summer or the intense impact of humidity.

Now that you know that you have to actually attend weddings in person and you are fully aware that photos will be taken by professionals such as the wedding photographers Charlottesville company Celestial Sights (fancy), you are going to need to look your absolute best, as these photographers may be wizards behind the camera, but they are not going to be able to fix your hair from dull to dazzling if you don’t put some effort in.

So, before you head on out, it is a good time to take a look at some hairstyles you can rock in those wedding photos.

The Wave

Whether you have shorter or longer hair, the wave is always a stylish look. With shorter or mid-length hair, this is a classic vintage look. Create a highly defined side parting, tucking hair tight behind one ear. Shape the waves, holding them in place with a strong hold spray. This is a great look with a fascinator.

If you want a longer mermaid wave, be sure to use an anti-frizz product to stop your hair from moving from stylish to boho in the heat of the day.  

The Bun

For those with longer hair, the sleeked back bun is a classic that offers style and peace of mind. If you have hair prone to reaction in humid conditions, keeping it under tight control is a great idea. Use some super hold spray to hold it in place and some pins and other accessories to add some pizazz to the bun at the back. 

If you want some height, you can always go for the high pompadour, with some backcombing. It is a great way to add a touch of drama, and if you style your unwashed hair, it will hold much better.

What is most important about this extreme look is that it gives the stage to your eyes. Take some time to make your eye makeup zing so you complement the style of your hair. Some signature earrings will also help. 


If you want a sleek look that emphasises your eyes, but you want something fun rather than sophisticated, try the ponytail instead. Pull the hair off the face while having some movement in the ponytail is perfect, especially if you are not expected to wear a hat. The sleek look is also appropriate for those with shorter hair, especially if you struggle to keep it tamed. Make sure you add some shine to your hair to add some zing to the look.

Voluminous low ponytail

Having your hair down loose might feel like a pain, but you do love the way your curls naturally bounce and bring fun to your look. Why not pull your hair back into a simple low ponytail and work with the curls to add volume over your shoulders. If the sleek ponytail is something of your dreams, this is also a great alternative without too much stress. Use a flexible hold product to keep your curls looking delicious while offering some natural movement.


The reverse French braid is a great way to style your hair for a day of activity – while offering the glamour needed. A wedding is a day where the photographs taken will last a lifetime. Therefore, you need hair that maintains that style throughout. With some easy maintenance, you can tuck errant strands of hair under the braid – or using some spray to coil them behind your ears. 


The au-natural pixie do is the perfect choice for those with a short cut that is growing out. Rather than go backwards by having another cut, make that hair look gorgeous with a hint of natural tussle. Straighten the longer bits of your hair, using a heat protection product, and then some salt spray to add texture. With a little tussle here and there, you will get that perfect non-styled style that looks casually gorgeous.