Choosing the best yoga paddle board

If you are considering taking up SUP yoga, then you will want to make sure that you have the right yoga paddle board. Whether you are a yoga novice, paddle board novice or have never tried either, SUP yoga can be a really fun form of exercise.

With lots of different yoga paddle boards on the market, all with different specifications it can be a bit confusing when it comes to buying your first one. There are a few key aspects and features to look out for when choosing your first yoga paddle board.

What is SUP yoga?

SUP yoga is a paddle boarding activity that is booming, for both yoga enthusiasts and paddle boarding enthusiasts it is a great way to enhance your skills and improve your techniques by undertaking yoga poses on a paddle board on a body of water. Due to the technicality of the sport you will need to purchase a board suitable for the activity but what should you look out for?

Size and Dimensions

The most important feature of a yoga paddle board is the size, for SUP yoga the general rule is the bigger the better as stability comes from the width and thickness of the board. Some general measurements that can be good to work from are:

Paddle board length: 10 – 11 feet

Paddle board width: 32 – 35 inches

Thickness: 5 – 6 inches

These measurements should be used as a guide only as the ideal paddle board size can vary depending on your height and weight.

Inflatable or hard board

Inflatable paddle boards are the typical choice for yoga paddle boarding, firstly they have a softer surface than hard boards meaning that they are easier on the body which could make it more comfortable when holding yoga poses for extended periods of time. Inflatable SUPs are also a consistent thickness throughout whereas hard boards are tapered towards the edges meaning they are more prone to tipping . This could make it more unsteady for those who are beginning SUP yoga for the first time. Another added bonus of inflatable paddle boards is that they can be transported easily allowing you to travel to more exotic and tranquil locations to do SUP yoga.

Fin set-up

Board stability can also be affected by the fin system, typically a good yoga paddle board will have a 3 fin set-up. This involves a large center fin and two smaller fins either side to give maximum stability in the water, there are also options to have permanent or removable fins. A permanent fin system works well because you do not have to worry about losing fins or them getting damaged after they are removed from the board. However, yoga boards with a removable fin system will allow you to practice SUP yoga on land and also give you the extra flexibility if you think you will be using the board for other activities that require different fin setups.

There are a number of different characteristics to consider when choosing a yoga paddle board, it is important to do your research and choose a board that matches your personal needs and requirements.