Outdoor Garden Accessories to Complement Your Garden Furniture

If we were living in a tropical climate area of the world then we could get away with creating stunningly beautiful gardens with nothing but the natural elements to compliment the plants, but we are faced with a different reality. Trying that here would require the kind of commitment of a full-time landscaper, which is impractical unless you’re somehow getting paid for your won garden’s upkeep and for the best place to buy wood furniture online.

Consequently, perhaps as a great way to enhance and complement the natural beauty of Mother Nature, most gardening enthusiasts make use of the likes of garden furniture to not only add a different dimension of visual appeal to their gardens but also to add some functionality. While garden furniture normally does the trick well enough, often the cherry on top exists in the form of some complementary outdoor garden accessories to bring about a bit of balance too.

The best outdoor furniture

As far as the garden furniture itself goes, some of the best that the market has to offer exists in the form of a range of teak wood pieces. Teak wood garden furniture is best sourced from a specialist who deals almost exclusively with this popular and beautiful hardwood, with available items including the likes of teak wood garden tables, teak garden chairs, matching tables and chair sets, loungers, teak benches, teak stools, and even teak garden bar furniture pieces. These are good for allweather purposes, but if you’re feeling really adventurous, you could upgrade and invest in a proper outdoor dining table for the deck, and you can even think about putting a kitchen on your deck too if you have the budget for it. This is a perfect way to spend summer months and you can get covers and protection for it in the rainy months.

The best complementary garden furniture accessories

The best complementary garden furniture pieces are those which aid in the process of encouraging plant life germination, such as wooden planters, plant pots, and even hybrid accessories such as tree benches that effectively act as growth guides. For the type of functionality that will have you, your guests, or your family enjoying your garden space, accessories such as parasols and cushions will also do.

Balancing things out

It’s all about striking a balance between the natural elements and the man-made garden furniture along with the accessories, aiming for a ratio of between 60-70% / 40-30%. In the beginning, it’s absolutely fine if the furniture and accessories outnumber the natural elements, so long as there’s a plan to let the shrubbery grow out and surpass the man-made elements. In fact in many back gardens, a backyard coop for 10 hens or so can help to balance out the natural feel to your garden, while still maintaining its well kept and neat tidy feel to it.

Either way, resist the temptation to overdo it as there definitely is such a thing as too much garden furniture and accessories.

Use functionality as your guideline

We’ve made mention of the garden accessories to complement your wooden garden furniture such as parasols, which speak as much to functionality as they do to the design and appearance. Here’s a little secret to make sure the appearance always “works” when it comes to selecting accessories to fit in with the overall design: go for functionality over anything else, because a functional piece almost inherently accounts for an appearance that “works” and doesn’t look out of place in any way. It’s almost like taking cues from Mother Nature herself, as she radiates the kind of beauty that attracts other life forms to flora-rich spots that make for a good living environment.

So use functionality as your guideline and the design appearance will take care of itself.