Spokane car accident: Here’s why you must lawyer up

Sometimes, despite taking the best measures and adhering to on-road safety practices, car accidents do happen. If you were injured in such a crash Spokane, you may have one basic question in mind – Do I need legal advice? Working with a Spokane car accident attorney is your best bet at winning a fair settlement, especially when the other driver was at fault. It is also important to know the state laws and your rights after the accident. In this post, we are sharing more on why lawyering up is such a good idea. 

Accidents are often complicated

What happens there is no clarity on liability or more than one driver is at fault for the same accident? Washington follows the pure comparative fault rule. A party can claim compensation even when they are more at fault than the party they are suing. However, the fault percentage will determine what they get in a settlement. If you have your doubts about the possible cause or liability of the car accident, you should contact an attorney. 

Knowing your claim’s worth

How much should you expect in a settlement for your accident claim? The answer depends on your injuries and losses. If you had a share in the fault, this will largely determine the outcome. Get an attorney on your side so that they can evaluate the case. If your case is a minor one and there is no scope for a decent settlement, your lawyer may ask you to accept whatever the insurance company has to offer. On the other hand, when the offered settlement is too less, your lawyer can take the matter to trial. 

Negotiating with the insurance company 

Contrary to what many people may tell you, dealing with the insurance company or their claims adjuster is not easy. These insurance companies do their best to deny and delay claims, and they will always try to undermine the value of your case. If you have no prior experience of dealing with insurance companies, consider hiring a lawyer. Your lawyer will negotiate like a pro and make the most of available time.

Washington’s statute of limitations allows a deadline of just three years to file car accident lawsuits. It is rather foolish to wait until the last minute to file a civil lawsuit. Talk to a lawyer and start working on your accident claim at the earliest. You can check online sites to find top-rated Spokane lawyers.