The pros and cons of using paper bags

When deciding on promotional material for your business, you may be thinking about the types of promotional bags that you can use. Before investing you probably want to look at the bigger picture and weigh up the pros and cons of using paper bags for your business. Here we have put together a list of benefits and things to consider when using them.

Types of paper bags

Before you decide to purchase a bulk order of custom-made paper bags for your business, you need to research the different types that are available to make sure that they are suitable for the purpose and use. Paper bags come in a variety of shapes, colours and designs, it is a good idea to research all of these features before jumping in with an order. The types of business that you operate, the type of customers that you have and the types of products that you sell are all going to have an impact on the type and design of the paper bag that you will need. Choosing the right type of bag is going to ensure that you are maximising the chances of success when implementing them into your business operations.

Benefits of using paper bags in business


One of the biggest benefits of using paper bags over other alternatives is the impact on the environment. Unlike plastic bags, paper bags are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable meaning that they are much friendlier to the environment as plastic bags can take thousands of years to break down.


Even though you might assume paper to be a weaker material, it is surprisingly sturdy and in some cases, paper bags can even hold more weight than their plastic counterparts. Good quality paper bags can be reused a number of times, meaning that your customers can continue to showcase your brand to the world for much longer than just their walk home.

Business ethos

The actions and ways that your business operates sends out messages to potential and current customers. By choosing to invest in paper bags rather than plastic bags you are showcasing that your business is taking proactive steps to reduce their plastic footprint. This could allow your business to stand out from other competitors.


Paper bags are super easy to customise in order to reflect your branding and other business marketing materials. They can be printed on to present logos and other business messaging, you can also choose to customise your handles to reflect the type of business that you have.

Things to consider when buying paper bags

  • Paper bags are not waterproof
  • Paper bags can be more expensive than plastic bags
  • Paper bags tend to be heavier and more difficult to store than others
  • If they are over filled paper bags can split

Paper bags can be a great choice for those wishing to ramp up their business promotional materials. It is important to weigh up your business needs before investing in a large order of paper bags for your business.