What makes a luxury serviced apartment so great?

There’s a growing preference for the luxury serviced apartments variety of accommodation among travellers and long-term tenants, but what exactly goes into making luxury serviced apartments so great?

Great amenities: Because luxury hotels focus on the quality of the stay for guests, they have the luxury of choosing their amenities. Your luxury apartment is not the average. You can expect the lowest common denominator amenities such as a gym, indoor and outdoor pool (both most likely equipped with a fine swimming pool heat pump), spa, sauna, private terrace, mini gym, elevators, but many amenities to make your stay comfortable. Those common amenities (e.g., sauna, gym, spa) are there because luxury properties are looking for the mass market, because they are easy to reach for the mass market. Your luxury apartment has to be luxurious to make guests think it is a luxury apartment.

Good transportation: Good transportation to the luxury apartment is very important. Sometimes, luxury apartments are not close to the tourist attractions in town. Guests need to drive, walk or take a cab (if available) to get to your luxury apartment, which is not ideal. Good transportation is a key to making guests think you are a luxury apartment.

Accessibility: Because of the proximity to the public transportation and the good location, your luxury apartment should be available. Some of the luxury apartments have direct access to the elevator.

Flexibility: Luxury apartments offer more flexibility to the guests than some hotels. In the hotel, the guest has to check out at a certain time, depending on how he wants to leave, or how long the hotel has booked him for. But in the luxury apartments, the guests can stay as long as they want and check out whenever they want. Some of the luxury apartments have an elevator that can go up to every floor. Many high-end apartments also make use of event-driven architecture for their elevators to monitor their real-time functioning so as to ensure the safety and security of the ones onboard. People wondering what is event-driven architecture can read a few articles online. It would help them choose just the right apartment for their next stay. Moreover, an elevator is always a perfect option for people who do not want to carry their luggage up. If you do not like the elevator on the luxury apartment you booked, make sure the apartment has a parking garage for the guests to park their cars.

Restrictions: Some luxury apartments have a strict rule for the guests not to bring any kind of bags or luggage into the apartment, to restrict the amount of time the guests can stay in the apartment. If you have to leave the apartment early or late, you need to make sure you have all the necessities for the day. That is a luxury.

Limited amenities: Some luxury apartments do not offer any amenities such as lounge or pool or spa. The only thing they offer is the luxury lifestyle. The guest can spend more money on spending and relax.

Assured services: At the luxury apartments, there is no guarantee of the luxury services. However, most of the luxury apartments give services such as concierge, valet parking, and housekeeping services.

Guests prefer luxury serviced apartments because there are more opportunities for the guests to make the experience comfortable. It does not make sense to spend more money to make it luxurious, when the guests are in for a comfortable experience, which will bring the guests back to your luxury apartment again and again.