Use some short term accommodation to visit these 3 great cities!

When you are looking for the right type of city for your next staycation it can be difficult to work out the kind of place you want to visit. Do you go for the bustling streets of a big city like London, or something more tranquil and picturesque like the south coast cities of Southampton or Exeter?

All of these different cities have their own quirks and benefits and offer some great short term accommodation that will help you really enjoy your stay.

In today’s blog, we take a look at 3 different cities that are all great options for your next getaway!

  1. Bristol

Bristol has some great sights to see including the suspension bridge and a wealth of great museums! The city is rich in culture and diversity and people of all backgrounds coming together for a lot of great events.

If you are looking for short term accommodation the city also boasts some of the best in the South West with areas like Clifton and the city centre offering great short term living spaces at a very reasonable price.

  1. Manchester

Manchester is a great city in the North of England famous for its rich culture when it comes to both football and music! There is also so much more to explore in this city which is one of the reasons why it is such a popular tourist destination within the UK.

The city centre offers some really fantastic short term accommodation which is great if you are looking for a comfortable place to stay for your trip. This is also a more affordable place to holiday than cities down south like Bristol and London.

  1. London

London really is a classic choice when it comes to a getaway, there is so much to do and the short term accommodation options you have at your disposal really are endless. The large size of the city and the different districts makes it a good choice if you are going for a long break or a longer weekend, there is so much to do but the quality transport links around the city will help you get from A to B relatively easily!

Book good quality accommodation wherever you stay!

The 3 cities above all offer a good variety of activities to do on your next city break, and they are all really easy to travel to if you are already based in the UK. When you are deciding what city to visit make sure you book good quality short term accommodation. That way if you do find yourself tired and wanting to relax a bit you will have a great base from which to stay!