Top 7 Foods to Avoid While Trying to Lose Weight Fast

Establishing and maintaining balanced and healthy eating habits is essential for success when attempting to lose weight fast.

Many people struggle with choosing what to eat and how to prepare food and fit meals during a busy workday.

Other questions like when and how much to eat also arise.

Out of the obstacles surrounding weight loss, the diet seems to be the most troublesome because nutrition is a science of its own that depends on numerous factors – read more here.

Of course, your health plan should fit your body’s specifics like age, gender, and current weight, but there are some foods that everyone should look to avoid.


In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 foods to avoid while you’re on your weight reduction trip. Hold tight and pay close attention because maintaining a healthy diet plan is a number one priority when trying to lose weight!

Top 7 Foods to Avoid While Losing Weight

  1. Candy, Cookies, and Cakes: You should avoid candy, cookies, cakes, and everything that has high amounts of added sugar at all costs. They contain immense amounts of sugar as well as oils and refined flour. All of these make for an outright calorie bomb that will prevent you from losing weight.

Not only that these foods are unhealthy, but they also make you crave even more food. Studies are conclusive that hefty sugar consumption promotes strong sensations of hunger, leading to weight gain. In other words, foods with a high glycemic index increase appetite and lead to weight gain, and this is not what we are after.

When you feel like having something sweet, opt for black chocolate since it’s more natural and contains a lot less sugar than candy bars and the like.

  1. Fried Foods: Although fried foods are almost always super tasty, they are also stacked with tons of salt and all kinds of harmful fats, making them high in calories. Salt is a substance that makes your body retain more water because of the differences in osmotic pressure. This, on the other hand, makes you gain more weight. However, many restaurants are taking a stand against fat-filled foods and offering fried goods that are more health-conscious. For example, fry mix for restaurants now has less trans fats than ever before, so don’t feel too guilty about treating yourself once in a while.

Additionally, these ruinous fats contribute to atherosclerosis, a condition where plaques start to build up in your arteries, making you more prone to thrombotic incidents. All in all, keeping French fries, potato chips, and the likes in your diet will prevent you from reducing fat tissue.

Speaking of fat reduction, something that might help with weight loss are dietary supplements. Look up some Modere Trim reviews online and decide for yourself if this might be something you want to try out.

  1. Alcohol: Research states that alcohol may be related to obesity. This is because it has numerous effects on metabolism, all of which are detrimental to our physiology.

Although sticking to one drink per day (a small beer, 150mls of wine, or 50mls of spirits) is tolerable, alcohol provides tons of calories. Among these, people often binge on beer, which contributes to abdominal fat or the so-called “beer belly.” This is known as visceral fat and is related to diseases like diabetes, atherogenesis, and thrombosis. Doctors classify these as metabolic syndrome disorders.

It’s also important to remember that while alcohol can contribute to weight gain and “beer bellies”, drinking an excessive amount can also lead to addiction too. The repercussions of this can lead to other health problems in themself, and checking into somewhere like this rehab Thailand Chiang Mai as soon as possible can help to ensure that you overcome your addiction before it has the opportunity to completely consume your life. So, cutting out alcohol could do wonders for your health, you just need to make the big first step!

  1. Fizzy and Sugary Drinks: Fizzy and sugary drinks like soda and low-quality juices have catastrophic effects on our bodies. This is because they contain massive amounts of sugar and are very easy to consume. Since they are not solid food, your stomach doesn’t feel satiated and, instead, keeps asking for more and more, which leads to excessive consumption.

These drinks are probably the most important thing on this list to cut from your diet. According to research, sweetened beverages contribute to obesity and diabetes and increase cardiovascular risk.

  1. White Bread, Pasta, and Pizza: These are all super tasty and much-preferred foods, but the thing is, they are extremely high in calories. Factories produce white bread and pasta using refined wheat flour, which is very low in fibers and other nutrients.

Moreover, one regular-sized pizza could contain as much as 2,000 calories, which will most likely prevent you from maintaining a calorie deficit and essentially keep you from losing weight.

So you might want to think twice before ordering home food delivery and opt for a salad instead.

  1. Processed Meat: Nowadays, meat is not what it used to be, or at least the mass-market products. More and more meat products are now dried, smoked, heavily salted, canned, etc.

These are very low in beneficial nutrients but extremely high in salt (which we’ve already talked about), calories, and all sorts of harmful additives.

What’s more, scientists are conclusive that there is evidence linking processed meat consumption and cancer. Additionally, more often than not, they are stacked with saturated fats, which elevate cholesterol.

Lots of people think that meat is the only source of protein. However, a healthy diet plan will emphasize fish, beans, and dairy products, which are just as nutritional.

  1. Ice Cream: Ice cream is many people’s absolute favorite when it comes to desserts and sweets. However, it’s just as unhealthy as it’s delicious!

Remember the sugary drinks like soda and low-quality fruit juices? Well, ice cream is also loaded with sugar and very easy to overdo because it doesn’t necessarily make you feel full. However, you’re not ought to quit on it completely. Once per 2-3 weeks and in regular quantities shouldn’t be a big deal.

Final Words

Committing on a weight loss journey is not often easy to do. Many people lose hope because they fail to see support from their peers and family.

Hopefully, this article will give you a headstart on building yourself a healthy and balanced diet. Avoiding the harmful foods above will help you succeed.

Also, if you decide to try out dietary supplements, make sure you’re taking only the best weight loss pills of the highest quality. Most importantly, make sure you’re on a calorie deficit so that your body burns more energy than it consumes. However, it’s also essential where those calories are coming from.