What to Expect When You Get a Diamond Ring Cleaning

Even if a diamond is the toughest material on earth, it’s not exactly self-cleaning. However, you don’t have to worry about any permanent damage if your diamond doesn’t look clean anymore. Most of the issue stems from dirt, grime, and oil that is accumulated when touching your diamond jewelry regularly.

Now that you know why your diamond is dirty, you’re probably wondering how jewelers clean your diamond ring safely and properly. This is what the experts at Luxury Diamonds Vancouver have to say:

There are different methods of diamond ring cleaning, but there are initial steps jewelers take to ensure that the diamond is cleaned properly:

  • Checking for Damages

Even if you are only asking for a cleaning service, jewelers will check the physical state of the jewelry before doing any cleaning. This ensures that all damages, such as loose gemstones, bent prongs, scratches, etc. are recorded so that the owner knows about the issues of the diamond ring before cleaning. This also helps the jeweler plan out how to clean the diamond without adding more damage, whether it is set in charm necklaces or any other kind of jewelry.

That said, the task of repairing a jewelry item is something that should be undertaken by professionals in the said field. The precision of the repair work needs to be completely accurate and after restoration, the ring should look as good as new. Jewelers such as Noura’s Jewellery, (and similar others) who undertake jewelry repair in Ottawa along with restorative works, could help your jewelry shine!

  • Polishing the Ring

Before deep cleaning, the ring will undergo polishing to get rid of the little scratches so that the ring will look brand new. The ring is polished inside and out before the next step.

  • Ultrasonic Sound Bath

This is the first step of the deep cleaning method. The ultrasonic bath uses sound to disintegrate the small particles of dirt found inside the crevices of the diamond ring. There is a risk that a diamond may get loose, but only if there is a large piece of dirt stuck within the setting.

  • Rinsing and Steaming

After the ultrasonic bath, the jewelers rinse the ring to get rid of the water and excess grime and dirt. Then the ring will undergo a steam bath to get rid of any impurities left on the surface of the ring.

  • Final Inspection

The jeweler will take a final look at the ring using their loupe and microscope. If there is still dirt or grime, the diamond ring will go through the process again until the customer is satisfied.

One Last Thing to Remember

Jewelry cleaning done by a professional is a safe and easy way to clean diamond rings without damaging the product. Before cleaning your jewelry at home, consult with a professional before doing so.